Wunderkammer of Color: November 2011 Edition

Colors of NovemberPhoto from Badly Drawn Dad on Flickr

Welcome to the waning half of autumn, folks – arguably the season most full with smashing color. This pic above hails from Slindon, West Sussex, England. Old farmer Ralph Upton began arranging his gourd-harvest to ripen on his shed-roof back in the 1960s. As you can see, matters have snowballed (or pumpkin-rolled?) from there, resulting in the annual visual fest seen above. (For a less-reverent take on harvest-themed cuteness, you’ll dig this online essay from McSweeney’s, “It’s Decorative Gourd Season, Motherfuckers”.)

My latest finds all revolve around glorious color-combos, a sort of accidental Josef Albers homage to the many curious interactions of color. Take this “sample-swatch” model of the Plymouth Barracuda, found on my new-fave color site Plenty of Colour:

Naturally I am positively ga-ga for this ride, every inch of it. (Nice companion read from Slate, “Why Are Our Cars Painted Boring Colors?”) Let this consumer’s plea ring out loud and clear: bring back those peacock-blue, aubergine, ripe-melon cars already!

Glorious multiplicity reigns in a recent COLOURLover’s post, too, about friendship bracelets. Remember how dizzingly fun it was to stake yourself in front of the embroidery-floss rack at Joann’s Fabrics, slowly calculating your color scheme as you lifted color after shining color of silky thread from the display case? Relive it all over again over at COLOURLovers:

Photo by secretlyfancy

Speaking of a mashup between color-contrast and embroidery, you’ll also get a kick out of this color-blind test, possibly the world’s wittiest keepsake quilt ever. See the 50 buried under all those circles?

From Mr X Stitch. Photo / work by Penny Leaver Green

Even with perfectly fine vision, you might want to tinker with your eyes – their color, that is. For those ready to take a more permanent step than color-contacts, allow me to introduce you to Dr. Gregg Homer. He’s pushing opthamological research into a highly Californian area: his Lumineye procedure zaps the top layer of the iris with a laser, prompting its brown melanin to leach away gradually and revealing the sparkly blues underneath:

Corny theme-music for this item can only be Crystal Gale’s Don’t it Make My Brown Eyes Blue.

That’s the cream of my color finds for now. Watch this space soon for color-themed gifts for the holidays – like the alarmingly Martha-Stewart-esque Food Finish by The Deli Garage, shown below. Until then, bronze your turkeys with care!

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