International Design

The arena of international design is vast, and Imprint sorts through the chaff, highlighting exemplary work created by international design firms and small studios that would otherwise remain unknown. With an eye to discovering unique sensibilities, Imprint covers topics such as typography, posters, books, magazines, and motion graphics, showcasing European innovations, Japanese design, and work from the Middle East.

The World Through Magazines

Patrick Roessler, a German design scholar, wrote "Viewing Our Life and Times: American and German Magazine Design in the 20th Century."

A Lost Albanian Alphabet

Edon Muhaxheri's latest project involves an amazing discovery—a unique Albanian alphabet from the country's first ABC book. Here he tells us more.

Stamping Out Civility

Steven Heller turns his eye to Siglio Press and the upcoming book by Vincent Sardon, "The Stampographer."

Rebel Masks

Once an editorial illustrator and now a filmmaker, Carlos Llerena Aguirre has been documenting Saynatakuna in his native Peru.

Cuba’s Revolution in the Cards

In 1960, a Cuban food brand printed a souvenir album that encouraged customers to buy cards chronicling the seven bloody years of the Cuban revolution.

Humor on the Right

In 1950, "Il Borghese" was established by the editor, designer and humorist Leopoldo Longanesi.