International Design

The arena of international design is vast, and Imprint sorts through the chaff, highlighting exemplary work created by international design firms and small studios that would otherwise remain unknown. With an eye to discovering unique sensibilities, Imprint covers topics such as typography, posters, books, magazines, and motion graphics, showcasing European innovations, Japanese design, and work from the Middle East.


Le sac Français

Le sac (the bag) has long been a popular venue for commercial advertising in la belle France. Not so different from here, except le sac Françia.


The Mandela Poster Project

Graphic designers in 70 countries created more than 700 posters to celebrate Nelson Mandela's life and legacy for The Mandela Poster Project. 95 selected posters are now on display.


The Silent Lettering Revolution: Right to Left Exhibition

The modernising of Arabic and Persian script is a silent revolution explained the organizers of RIGHT-TO-LEFT in 2012 when they launched their initiative that focused on Middle East society via visual culture. It included an exhibition that might well be brought to the United States of over 40 artists and graphic designers with hundreds...


Acid Candy From Argentina: Acido Surtido Design Magazine

Lucas López and Mauro López from Buenos Aires, Argentina, are the founders and editors of Acido Surtido, a design magazine started in 2001. I asked Lucas to explain the reasons for continuing an analog publication in this day and age. Do you have a mission? Acido Surtido is an independent publication on art and...


A Design Archive For the Emerald Isle

Ireland has no critical design magazines to speak of, don’t you know, so the new 100Archive project is a significant means to document and ultimately select the most significant graphic design produced in the country. The goal is to find new work and begin to archive the old. I met David Smith, one of...

Persian Peep Box

If you like Persian miniatures, you’ll like the home page of Shahre Farang, the Iranian version of peep boxes, a form of entertainment provided by wandering showmen. Shahre Farang were made of metal in the shape of an oriental castle with several holes.  

India, Designed

Dekho: Conversations on Design in India is a new anthology of “inspirational conversations with designers in India, probing their stories for cues to the development of design in India and highlighting approaches unique for designing in India.” I wrote a foreword (a portion of which is below). You can find samples of the book,...

Italia on the Screen

Italian Ways is an online magazine (in English) about Italy edited and designed by Angelini Design in Rome. The stated aim of the project, says Michele Angelini, “is to give visibility to historical and artistic Italian places—in particular the ones not so common to the main public—and to give focus to the Italian Arts...

Iranian Designer Gets His Star on the Internet

Morteza Momayez (1936-2005) was one of Iran’s most esteemed graphic designers. His book jackets, posters, stage design and logos combined Persian precision and worldly wit. I wrote a brief blurb here, years before his admirers and the Momayez Foundation created a new website devoted to his art, design and writing. See a short  subtitled...