Designer Interviews

Print’s designer interviews reveal the thought process of top designers and art directors. The Q&As encompass conversations with numerous design leaders, and each designer interview provides insights on how these masters create such consistently accomplished work. Our yearly New Visual Artists roundups include designer profiles along with perspectives from the younger generation of designers.


Type of the Future Past

"Futura. Die Schrift." is an exceptional exhibition and catalog at the Gutenberg Museum in Germany.

Work by Designer of the Week: Ashley Batton + Calligraphy Designs

Designer of the Week: Ashley Batton

Designer of the Week Ashley Batton is an in-house designer at a fashion startup in San Francisco, as well as a letterer with a love for calligraphy designs.


From Roadside to Cloud Banks

John Baeder, the great American photorealist painter with a focus on roadside America, has turned his eye to vintage airplanes.

simplicity in design

Designer of the Week: Eloisa Iturbe

Designer of the Week Eloisa Iturbe believes in the power of simplicity in design—especially when it comes to our "oversaturated modern age."


Love is Where You Find It

Steven Heller talks with Veronica Ettedgui, who has turned her project "LOVE: A Typography Challenge" into a new book.

scandinavian inspired work by Designer of the Week Alice Pomfret

Designer of the Week: Alice Pomfret

Our latest Designer of the Week, Alice Pomfret, is a student in her final year of study. Read on to learn more about Pomfret's Scandinavian inspired design.