Jude Stewart


Why Do Horizontal Stripes Rule in Maternity Wear?

Jude Stewart answers a question that has plagued women for years: If horizontal stripes make you look fatter, why do they dominate maternity wear? Is it just a cruel conspiracy? The latest research suggests it's not.


5 Reasons You Must Go to HOW Design Live 2013

Designers! (And here we all picture the stern elegance of Project Runway’s Tim Gunn, locking his gaze with our over trim, gold-rimmed glasses.) If you haven’t already registered for HOW Design Live 2013, you’ve got just about a month left to rectify this grievous oversight. In today’s post, I give you 5 sure-fire reasons...


Drunk Tank Pink: The Power of Color in Marketing

Color sells, it persuades, it cajoles, but how exactly does it wield such power? In the book “Drunk Tank Pink” author and NYU professor Adam Alter peers into how seeming innocuous factors of daily life—colors, names, visual symbols—can drive consumer behavior in unimaginable ways. The book’s title stems from a 1979 psychiatric study in...

pattern power

Patternity’s PATTERN POWER: Superstripe

If you’re in or near London, you must run, not walk to catch Patternity’s fantastic exhibit about stripes, PATTERN POWER: Superstripe, ending April 21. As you may recall, I interviewed Patternity for “Print” last fall. We started with their work in textile and surface design but quickly veered into more fascinating territory: their ongoing...


ROY G. BIV: An Exceedingly Surprising Book (and Talk) About Color

  Color mavens, I’m busting my buttons with pride as I announce that my first book, ROY G. BIV: An Exceedingly Surprising Book About Color, is now available for pre-order via Amazon and elsewhere on the web. You’ll get it in your hot little hands in mid-September, but you can stuff your future with...

Wunderkammer of Color: March 2013 Edition

Hidey-ho, color fans. Time to crack open the Wunderkammer and explore the latest and most brilliant finds, like these dazzling CMYK-style earrings by Daisuke Motogi for Japanese design retailer massitem.com. (Hat tip to Design Boom and Proto-JP Tumblr for unearthing this.) Shake the translucent acrylic discs to create your own blurring, gorgeous rainbow. Now...

Q & A with Color Maven Jessi Arrington

Perched near the tippy-top of the pantheon of all-time color fans you’ll find Jessi Arrington, co-founder of the Brooklyn-based design studio WORKSHOP. Jessi debuted in The New York Times in May 2011 as a member of Studiomates, a co-working collective gathering some of design’s most up-and-coming types, including Swissmiss founder Tina Roth Eisenberg, typographer...