Design Workshops

Print is proud to offer a series of interactive workshops by the brightest minds in design and delivered to your desktop. Check back often for new events!

The week-long workshops can be accessed at any time of your convenience during the scheduled time period.

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5 Skills Every Designer Needs to Know

Our professional lives are changing. What was once safe ground in our business is no longer so. Take for example the web design sector, there are huge changes there. Smaller clients are turning to services like Squarespace. Bigger organizations are bringing design work in-house. This means that to survive as designers we need to adapt and that means learning new skills. In his talk, Paul will introduce five new skills you need to succeed in today’s marketplace.

In 5 Skills Every Designer Needs to Know, you’ll learn:

  • Sales and marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Business studies
  • Psychology
  • Customer Service

When: Apr. 11 – 18
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The Journey from Print to Web

If you are a print designer the pressure to offer web design services too is immense. But designing for the web is a very different experience. Websites do not have a set page size, they are interactive and you cannot guarantee how your design will appear. That is why many print designers fear of moving to this new medium. In this workshop Paul Boag shares the good news that making the transition is possible. That many of your skills are transferable and that what you are missing can be learned.

In The Journey from Print to Web, you’ll learn:

  • Discover just how many of your skills apply to the web too.
  • Learn about the differences between print and the web.
  • Receive advice about making the transition and what additional skills you will need to learn.
  • Be introduced to some great resources to get you started.

When: Apr. 14 – 20
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Photoshop Fundamentals

Photoshop is the standard across multiple industries when it comes to manipulating images. In this workshop we will learn some of the more practical applications of Photoshop and how to use them for work in the real world. This workshop includes hands-on demonstrations of Photoshop including layers, masking, pen tool and smart objects.

In Photoshop Fundamentals, you’ll learn:

  • The Photoshop Tools and interface
  • Photoshop Layer Basics
  • Creating Shapes and Objects with the Pen Tool
  • Masking Objects and People From Backgrounds
  • Smart Objects
  • Photoshop Effects
  • Basics of Photoshop Typography

When:. Apr. 21 – 27
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Leveraging Social Media as a Designer

Today, Social Media is one the most utilized forms of communication we have. It is also one of the broadest, while also being the most direct. You can reach a large audience while at the same time having target access to individuals you could never reach otherwise.

For a designer, this means you can reach potential clients or employers as well as influencers in your industry. There is also the potential to become an influencer in your industry by leveraging social media tools. This can seem a bit overwhelming on top of managing your clients and actually doing your design work, but it is an extremely important marketing tool.

This workshop is a combination of 2 of our most popular social media workshops – Leveraging Social Media as a Designer and Effectively Integrate Social Media in your Website. These 2 popular workshops combine to bring you insight into the how to use social media both as a marketing tool and as a way to improve interact with your audience. The will show you how you can use the various social media platforms effectively in your career.

In Leveraging Social Media as a Designer, you’ll learn:

  • Why Social Media Matters for Designers
  • Which Social Media Platforms to Focus On
  • How to treat social media as more than a tool to drive traffic
  • About five areas you can leverage to better integrate social media with your website
  • How to create an online ecosystem that builds relationships

When:. Apr. 21 – 28
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Hand Lettering Workshop

Introduce hand-lettering into your repertoire of design skills with this workshop. Denise Bosler, author of Mastering Type, will provide you with the skills you need to add a personal touch to your typographic communication from research and sketching to developing dynamic layouts with custom lettering. You will be given the opportunity to communicate your love of hand-lettering through the process of self-discovery and experimentation as you explore your typographic voice and creative style.

In The Hand Lettering Workshop, you’ll learn:

  • Develop a lettering reference library and toolbox
  • Learn the basics to correctly execute letterforms by hand
  • Develop your personal typographic voice
  • Master typographic resonance and layout skills to create a beautiful hand-lettered phrase

When:. Apr. 25 – May 8
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