Logo Design Examples & Advice

Take a journey through Print’s library of great logos. You’ll find tips and inspiration to help you design a logo and add the needed appeal to your project.


Signs of the Autostrada

Steven Heller points out the graphic design details on road signs found along the Autostrada of Italy. Buckle up, and come along for the ride.


Marks on China

Despite the crudity of ledger pages, these marks — china pattern maker logos — exude a design elegance consistent with the era in which they were made.


Dubious Typeface For Sale

Signal is a German script typeface, designed in 1931 by Walter Wege for H. Berthold AG in Berlin. It was inspired by brush script created in the late 1920s and rooted in the sachplakat aesthetic of the time. In 1932, a bolder Block-Signal and lighter Script-Signal were introduced. In a somewhat customized form, it...


Devolution of a Symbol: The Swastika Through the Years

Of all the symbols and marks produced by ancient and modern peoples throughout the centuries, the swastika is the most contradictory. For thousands of years it was a thing of mystery that surfaced as disparate cultural iconography throughout the Near and Far East, Europe, North America, and Africa, and was presumed by some scholars...

letter heads

Giving and Getting Letterhead

There are Dead Heads, Dope Heads, Knuckle Heads, Screw Heads, Shower Heads, Sprinkler Heads, Bald Heads, Jar Heads and Letterheads. The latter is among the small gems of graphic design. These are from a 1932 sample book published in England and used by a small job printer to sell his services. Some are quite...


Labels of Our Dreams

Just think, getting a label on your Consolidated Edison bill that look like this: These are but a few of the labels produced in 1913 that have a typographic exquisiteness and design nuance that was considered classic. Mailing labels are still very much with us, but the computer print-out variety just doesn’t match-up. For...

Matchless Originals from Japan

These are original sketches for Japanese match box labels created in the 1930s by an anonymous graphic artist. Rendered in black and white, they were meant to print in a single color. Some are drawn and lettered on slick paper remnants, others were produced on the backs of photographs, like the snap shot below....

How I Learned Modern(ism)

Colorforms, invented by art students Harry and Patricia Kislevitz, with a logo by Paul Rand, was possibly the first exposure to Modernist geometry and color that any of us with art inclinations had. (At least those of us who grew up after its invention as a playful yet educational tool.) I certainly learned about...

Separated Years After Birth

Max Körner (1883-1963), who I wrote about two weeks ago, left behind more than a bunch of obscure trademarks. Thanks to Daily Heller private eye and public nose sleuth, Mirko Ilic, we see (below) that Bluetooth owes a rather obvious debt to this less known German logo designer for his 1922 Behinger and Co....