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  1. Michael Ward

    I sat out this election because I couldn’t find a candidate on either side to stand behind, but as far as I could see, most of the “hate” comes from the left. They hate Trump and they hate anyone who voted for him. Freedom of speech is disintegrating and any ideas that disagree with the new “thought police” are labeled “hate”. We must be careful to allow any organization (like the SPLC) to be the judge of what is “hate”.

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  4. Paul Schifino


    Thanks for the great article on Rob Rogers. He is a local hero, a national treasure, and a friend. His humor and insight will be sorely missed, and we are all sorely MIFFED! I love your blog and read it regularly. Keep up the great work.

  5. Vishal23

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  19. StormChaser

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    Rockin story Jason!!!!! Thank you!

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  35. zigzag

    Delightful article. Very nice to see Tom and Daisy Eckersley’s book here. I feel you were remiss, however, not to include the equally-often-overlooked books of Megan Montague Cash and Mark Newgarden, the Bow-Wow series, particularly “Bow-Wow Bugs a Bug” which won the Society of Illustrators prize, and the beautiful and brilliant “Bow-Wows Nightmare Neighbors”. These wordless books manifest the critical importance of good design in narrative.

  36. Everton

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    Also, didnt know that the vienna secession was such a concrete influence, I though it was just more of a general influence. And I though the “official” style of the underground was something like the psychedelic type, like victor moscoso’s, and not the curvilinear type from avatar. A lot to take in, and look out. So interesting and inspirational. I wonder if some of those styles could be used today, I am certainly trying now.

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  39. shinmai

    I know this is an old article, but these “stencils” are hilariously terrible 😀 They are pictures of the *RESULT* of using a stencil. Why are the bleeds and soft edges included? You’ll get them naturally from using an actual stencil with spray paint and cutting them into your stencil will just make the resulting image look weird (and make the stencil harder to cut).

    Patrick Thomas’ book is awesome, but this post is just silly…

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  89. Witedingued

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  100. Michael Ward

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    1. Understand the bleed, not just bleed lines. If you are designing anything with a colored background that goes to the edge of the page you will need to add additional size to the document. So an 8.5×11 document with a solid blue background will have to be created at 8.75 x 11.25 to be safe. The additional .25 inched will be trimmed off to ensure the color goes right to the edge when finished. Sounds simple but we deal with files all the time without proper bleeds.
    2. If you are going to design a book that will be saddle stitched (stapled, like a comic book) consider making a mock up book before designing. This will allow you to see how the pages actually orient when printed (i.e. the first page and last page are printed on the same sheet of paper). We get books all the time from designers who don’t know how the book will actually be printed but creating a simple mock-up book would take much of the mystery out of the production process.
    3. Flatten artwork and convert all fonts to outlines. Transparency issues are a nightmare and can be hard to spot during printing. Sometimes a color will drop off during the rip process and no one notices it.

  101. Scott Kneeskern

    Angela, I’d challenge you to look at the generic uniform the Russian athletes wore in a different light. It appears your opinion is that these athletes were shamed? I disagree. Russia was shamed, and should be! Their Olympic officials were overseeing cheating. But, the athletes didn’t seem to feel shamed. I didn’t see anything in your story to show they felt shame. Victoria Moiseeva did not say anything about uniforms, only the flag and anthem. I’d also disagree with you that “In terms of logos and branding, the situation is the equivalent of generic products from the 1970s”. As you said about these generics, “the products were cheap because in many instances, the quality was inferior compared to name brands.” I agree. But, you seem to be insinuating that these athletes were of inferior quality due to being packaged in a generic uniform when you state, “”In a similar vein it must be hard for the OARs not to feel somewhat compromised as they compete in their plain uniforms.” They did not say they felt compromised, shamed or inferior due to the generic uniform. On the contrary, they said, “I think we’re here to show that we’re clean and we still can do great.” In my opinion, the generic uniform they wore was not a badge of shame and did not make me feel that I was watching an inferior athlete compete. If it made the country of Russia feel ashamed, good! Was it bland and generic, yes. Was it cool to look at, no. But, I enjoyed watching the best non-cheating athletes in the world compete regardless of the uniform they wore.


    I suggest that your site should have a place for we readers to save articles that we read and appreciate. Since we create profiles…can these profiles please do such a thing?

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  106. Argoty

    Fascinating story as always from Steven Heller, re the article “Marcel’s Letters by Carolyn Porter ”
    Really look forward to your articles. They illuminate what a rich history the design and print trade in the past, present and future offers to those, who look around them. The people that made a difference, the work of groups and individuals. It is a rich and rewarding -not just in financial value discipline that we have chosen to work in. Steven Heller does an invaluable service in opening up treasure chests of articles like this one by Carolyn Porter.

  107. Andrew-Porter

    I still have lots of sheets of LetraSet here, in a yellow and black plastic cabinet from the company itself.

    Loathe to throw them away. All the cover type and headlines in the small circulation magazines (Science Fiction Chronicle, Algol/Starship) I published in the 60s-90s were done with LetraSet. I also designed covers for books and directories, posters, covers, ads, etc., using the stuff.

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    1. melvin_m_melvin

      Ger – I get your point, but you’re a little harsh on Clarke and Woodbridge. While I agree that these would have had less of a profile had they not been in MAD, both were generally very capable, to the extent that they were pulled in to cover more generic topics that came less easily to the more specialised pens. For example, items in the ‘Why I quit my job’ genre I cannot envisage being drawn more appropriately by any of George’s contemporaries. I agree with you about Belkin, possibly my favourite MAD writer, and Mendelsohn, both of whom rank with Sy Reit (as well as Jacobs and Siegel, but I understand that you mean writers who appeared in non-MAD doppelgangers). A nod, too, towards Paul Laikin, whose quantity sometimes impaired quality, but whose JFK colouring book was a classic – Great book, BTW (yours, that is) – Best wishes – MmM

  171. llens8

    The great disparity in talent between MAD and its imitators is a testament to the genius of Kurtzman and others at the core of MAD. MAD consistently had artists such as Drucker, Wally Wood, Frank Frazetta, Paul Coker, Don Martin, Jack Davis, Will Elder etc. Its competitors, featured in this book, could occasionally snag the prolific (and indiscriminate) Davis, or could hire Elder after the great falling out with Gaines, but for the most part their pages were filled with fairly perfunctory work. The examples featured here reinforce my impression that the art direction in MAD remained light years ahead of its competitors.

    Working with Kurtzman was apparently no picnic, but he had a talent for spotting and motivating the best artists.

    David A.

    1. melvin_m_melvin

      I respect your view, but this reads as though Kurtzman was responsible for bringing Drucker and Martin to MAD. It was the ridiculously underrated Al Feldstein who not only recruited these, but also developed them – Best regards – MmM

      1. llens8

        Hi, MmM– Sorry, I did not mean to suggest that Kurtzman was responsible for Drucker or Martin, only that he set the tone for the magazine that followed. It took decades before MAD began to shed that New York Jewish wise guy humor that Kurtzman put in MAD’s DNA.

        By the way, I have to disagree with you about Feldstein. I think he made the trains run on time, and Gaines desperately needed an accountant / business type after Kurtzman left, to keep the magazine from folding. But Feldstein was famously humorless, tasteless and territorial. I know from Drucker’s own lips that Feldstein had nothing to do with recruiting Drucker (who was recruited by Nick Meglin) and I’ve never heard that he had anything to do with recruiting Don Martin.

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