posters-coverSIGN UP FOR THE DAILY HELLER and PRINT NEWSLETTERS and download a free excerpt from Print’s Guide to Posters. From the Punk aesthetic, to the over-the-top posters of Bollywood, Print explores the past and present of poster design to inspire you to take the medium in new directions.

In this download, you’ll find:

The Last King of Bollywood
Balkrishna Vaidya’s handpainted film posters helped create the Bollywood aesthetic, but these days, he can’t find work at home.
By Nandini Ramnath

Moving Pictures
Being a movie buff and a graphic designer can be painful. Posters for most Hollywood films are dismal and formulaic and rarely show us anything beyond the state-of-the-art dental work and gym-tooled torsos of their stars.
By Adrian Shaughnessy

Neue Berlin
Long defined by the cut-and-paste club “fly posters” of the ’90s, Berlin design has grown up and gone global—but it’s keeping its independent spirit and connection to the street.
By Alice Twemlow



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