A Magazine Is an iPad That Doesn’t Work

This has been flying around the interwebs all day: a baby who’s confused that she can’t get a magazine to work like an iPad. On the one hand: yes, it’s fascinating that she thinks a magazine should work the other way. On the other: this is totally unscientific. what if she’d been taught magazines first and iPads second? Would she then think an iPad is a weird magazine?

Some new-media pundits are pointing to this as some sort of proof that tablets are an integral part of the reading/viewing/learning experience and will supplant books; I actually don’t think it means much of anything. Other than babies are cute, easily confused, and don’t know what to make of Marie Claire. (Actually, I know adults who don’t know what to make of Marie Claire.)

My evil boyfriend held forth thusly, for the sake of amusing everyone on Twitter:

Has anyone considered maybe that 1yr-old is kinda stupid for not knowing the difference between paper and glass? And don’t give me any “she’s just a year old” crap. If she can figure out an iPad in the first place, I’m allowed to have expectations.

So, yeah.

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