Glamour in Korea

Does anyone know what’s up with Korea lately? Most of the styling I’ve seen lately from their pop products has been off the hook—glamour like American acts could never dream of achieving. Not sure why it’s happening there, now, and with that level of polish—but it’s dazzling to watch.

I think the American preoccupation with authenticity is beginning to get in the way of the pop market; the screen grabs below of 2NE1’s video for “I am the Best” have a gloss and glitter than only Gaga’s getting to lately. Interestingly, this group’s very first track was released as an LG promotion, and their singles are regularly announced by their company’s CEO—not their press officer. Wonder if that would fly in the States?

Here’s some eye candy for your Friday.

2 thoughts on “Glamour in Korea

  1. ND

    I’m so obessed with that video! The dancing is amazing. Unfortunately I haven’t seen any other 2NE1 videos that are as exciting (but maybe I haven’t looked hard enough).

  2. Charles Hughes

    As an 80 Year-old vetern of the Korean War and an author, I am stunned by the pent-up creativity that was released by the freeing of this remarkable people.  Never in history has a country made such artistic, technological, and cultural advances in so few short years.  It’s reassuring to see that the sacrifices we and they made six decades ago have paid such dividends.