Nobody Listens to Anything Via Social Media

photo: a real live social media douchebag, from flickr member ctoverdrive

Here’s one I found and watched with some interest, originally posted from the good folks who run everyone’s favorite Libyan link shortener, (or rather, since they started getting heat for “supporting Quaddafi,” as if that wasn’t the silliest thing ever to circulate the web): did you know that links shared via social media sharing sites have a half-life shorter than Tinkerbell when ain’t nobody clapping? It’s true! Read their report for the full report, but in a nutshell: a link shared on Facebook, Twitter, or G+ lives for around three hours before it’s totally forgotten.

Another bonus find for you sociopaths hooking up all your social media acounts like one huge megaphone, blaring across the internet: it doesn’t work, and here are the numbers showing that. Nobody pays attention to you. So stop it already. My tough love is my gift to you.

One thought on “Nobody Listens to Anything Via Social Media

  1. John

    Thanks for the wake-up call, Mr. Cranky Pants.
    I don’t “do” social media because I want to. I “do” it because I’m told I “have” to. “Gotta have a presence…gotta have a voice…blah blah blah” Okay, whatever. 
    I don’t use HootSuite because I’m a sociopath who wants to blare my message out over teh interwebs. I use it because I’ll be damned that I’m going to waste time every day going to each platform individually and *&^%ing copy-pasting the same damn thing
    If I get fewer “likes,” well, so what. My time is worth more than a groveling for a few virtual approvals.