The Powerful Aroma of 365-Day Desktop Calendars

I’m having some fun here dreaming up a new kind of 365-day desktop calendar: a Gill Sans–based calendar that tries very hard to force you to have an uplifting business insight every day.

Is the powerful aroma of special insight absorbed lightly in the complete embrace of a good attitude?

This calendar would really like the answer to be yes.

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  1. @Mr. Siddlindindindin: I think your interpretation makes good sense of the sketch’s silliness. Thanks for posting. I agree with you that a good attitude can be a good buffer. And I agree with you that the special insights of others can be “fragrant dark stars.” (Beautiful phrase.)

    @Gribty: Hmm! Good question. The dot in the “i” of Gill Sans Ultra Bold does cheat rather jauntily to the right, doesn’t it? If you ever find out why Gill drew it that way, lemme know. I’d love to know.

  2. I agree with the calendar. The special insights of others are often fragrant dark stars. If you’re not in a good mood, they can be annoying. A good attitude can be a good buffer. I don’t know if that’s what the calendar’s trying to say, but that’s my read on it.