Today's Obsession: Comic Sans Pro

As if it wasn’t bad enough that Comic Sans exists at all, now the Angry Birds of typefaces has been released as Comic Sans Pro. Now you can make so many more languages look like a child is speaking to you. Perfect for annual reports! $120 (not kidding) gets you two weights with swashes, small caps, non-Latin character sets, lining and non-lining numerals, and other assorted nonsense. Seriously, swashes?

As an added irritant, this will doubtless be the typeface that gets the general public to sit up and notice OpenType features. So awesome.

(via @typographica. Thanks, Stewf, I guess.)

4 thoughts on “Today's Obsession: Comic Sans Pro

  1. Mindy

    I came across a funny website created by a graphic designer that asks you if you’re guilty of using Comics Sans. It’s sort of a quick typography 101 on Comics Sans. I mean… come on. Comics Sans is designed to be used for placing inside bubble(s) of a cartoon strip! Not on some “lost dog” flyer or a lawyer’s letter!