Today's Obsession: Designer Scrabble

Imagery from Andrew Capener's portfolio.

Here’s a lovely object: a Scrabble set made for type geeks. All the requisite items are in place: attention to material, tradition, and lovely, lovely typography. Sadly, it’s not a real product—Andrew Capener designed it as part of his student work.

Frankly, I would buy the crap out of this. It’d be pretty great if Hasbro could team up with Andrew to produce this as a limited edition set of games for a gift season. And a perfect time for it as well, what with the popularity of Words with Friends on mobile devices shining attention to the original crossword game. This would be a great reinforcement of the brand in the real world market.

5 thoughts on “Today's Obsession: Designer Scrabble

  1. Dan

    I’d be playing this and trying my hardest to keep serif and sanserif words separated. But I’ve been meaning to buy scrabble anyway — Hasbro, get on this. 

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