Today's Obsession: Looking Where You Ordinarily Wouldn't

This singer has a fabulous range of vocal colors and effects to choose from. His diction is easy to understand, and his phrasing is lovely throughout. He begins with such a high, gorgeous, resonant messa di voce that I was surprised to hear how low his actual full singing voice sits once he moved into it.

That’s a classically trained professional voice coach talking about Rob Halford. I’m not kidding.

Today’s obsession is all about finding professionalism and skill in unexpected places. To me, as a designer, means that we must always look to everyone everywhere to continue growing and learning. I personally find my favorite pieces of design scrawled on street signs, sometimes angry stickers posted on windows creating an entirely new context for messages, sometimes even bathroom graffiti. Happy Friday—and keep looking for what you never knew.

2 thoughts on “Today's Obsession: Looking Where You Ordinarily Wouldn't

  1. patric king

    thanks claudia. i picked this paticular item because rob’s a role model of mine, has been for a long time. for those of us who represent ourselves socially as gay, historically there’s been a bit of a cookie-cutter mold that has gone along with that. rob’s openness, alongside many others, has been a major force in changing public ideas of what a gay person looks, acts, and sounds like. kudos to him for being exactly who he wants.

  2. Claudia Friedlander

    Well, thanks for the post, as well as for the great photo of Rob Halford!

    I’m the voice teacher who critiqued these guys – I know a lot about singing but nothing about metal. My post generated some really interesting reactions, but I was completely perplexed by the giggly, vague comments I received about the fact that the first adjective I used to describe Halford’s singing (having no idea whatsoever who I was listening to) was “fabulous”.

    Today someone solved the mystery for me: Halford is gay but was closeted for decades. So he is, hahaha, “fabulous” in more ways than one…

    Within the community that is my natural habitat – the classical vocal community – you’re more likely to assume that an attractive male vocalist is gay than that he’s straight. We’re a pretty fabulous community!

    Now I learn that the metal community is still relatively homophobic?!

    Let us all look for fabulousness in unexpected places! Rock on, Rob!