Today's Obsession: Puzzling and Creativity

An interesting article from the pages of the New York Times science section asserts that creativity is almost entirely connected to play and gaming. The centers of the mind which result in creative outcomes to problems reveal that our minds are almost always at play while solving. More interestingly, during experiments, folks who’d been previously amused solved problems more readily.

This has actually turned into a bit of a self-help article for me; I’ve been having some success keeping my creativity on track over the past few days chasing our blind cat (who lives for it and looks silly as a duck tearing through the house like a maniac). And managers: brains that register reward and satisfaction try to do more and succeed more. “Aha” moments lead to a desire for more of the same.

Image from the article by Craig Frazier for the New York Times.

7 thoughts on “Today's Obsession: Puzzling and Creativity

  1. Mindy

    That’s very interesting. I’m very visual than average (because I am deaf) so I always have enjoyed doing puzzles that require visual problem-solving. I can quickly solve visual problems than math problems, for instance. If you were to make me do a cross puzzle, that I can never finish all by myself! I don’t really grasp those sentences that hint something so my brain is working too hard to figure it out so it causes me to find cross puzzles less enjoyable. That’s because I miss so much on overhearing what other people are saying all my life that I don’t know EVERYTHING, only through sign language and reading newspapers, books, etc. Now you can see why I’m a graphic designer… I enjoy graphic design and am good at it because of my visual skills! 😀

  2. Terence

    That make’s absolute sense to me, when I working (same as I was when I was up to my elbows in lego, good image btw) the thought processes…what if I do this what happens if I do this …oops don’t do that etc…