Today's Obsession: Tereasa's Clocks

Tereasa's clocks, shot by Matthew Allen (

My friend Tereasa has amazing taste. She’s a creative director at Ogilvy, but it’s her curatorial chops and personal collections that really intrigue me. She has this crazy instinct for Americana that I don’t ever see honed to so fine a point, like her viewpoint is naturally tuned into a past we all culturally share. Everything is a warm reminder of a collective American past—from a little collection of pencil boxes to a rehab of a cottage to this little collection of cuckoo clocks.

This is a little example of what she can do—a little collection of flea market finds remade as a gorgeous little calm moment for her newborn daughter’s room. Charlie, her daughter, takes great comfort in the heartbeat-like ticking of the clocks, and the arrangement’s familiarity lends a warmth to the child’s room.

Tereasa’s beginning to move her ideas online after a few years of honing them in the real world. You can follow her at her blog, and her first book—about the restoration of a 12‘x12’ decrepit cottage—is available here.

2 thoughts on “Today's Obsession: Tereasa's Clocks

  1. Mindy

    I love those cuckoo clocks. I even have my own that my dad gave to me when I got older. He went to germany before I was born and bought the clock that has a blue bird at the clock area that would swing right and left when the woman under the clock goes up and down repeatedly. Later, I found out that my clock is still made today.
    It’s so neat how Teresea would color the clocks to give off dynamic colors. Very pretty and modern-looking. Thanks for sharing!