Packaging Design

Packaging design is the visual skin that covers our world, and Print brings you the latest, most innovative projects. Print features not just beautiful, eye-catching work but sustainable, creative packaging design that reduces waste by limiting materials. We cover everything from large-scale branding initiatives to new ideas in food-label design, by the top packaging design firms everywhere.


Non-hit Psych Pop Redux

For all the decades I've known the great Gary Panter as cartoonist, comics artist, painter, shadow puppeteer, scenic designer, light designer, author, graphic novelist and all around great talent, I had no idea he had a band. His psych pop band's new 2 LP vinyl gate-fold package album art from Feeding Tube Records in...


The Art of Everyday

“One person’s garbage is the next person’s art.” “Art is in the eye of the beholder.” “The creative act is not performed by the artist alone; the spectator brings the work in contact with the external world by deciphering and interpreting its inner qualifications and thus adds his contribution to the creative act.” (Marcel...


Weekend Heller: Japanese Food Tins, Poster Journals, Newspaper Puns

Fresh Fish Labels from Japan We take fish tin labels for granted. And why not? They are not the most appetizing designs as a rule. In Japan, where fish is the staple, and fresh fish should be abundant, its kind of fishy that they have so many canned products. But appropriate that these tins...


Le sac Français

Le sac (the bag) has long been a popular venue for commercial advertising in la belle France. Not so different from here, except le sac Françia.


Ads with Strings Attached

There is a proud history to be told of the “hang-tag,” those printed bits of heavy paper or board attached with string, ribbon, wire or plastic that attaches to the product in some way. Unlike most forms of print ephemera, the hang-tag is a more tactile artifact, usually discarded but, paradoxically, made to last....


Teeny Weeny Graphic Design

I am not a phillumenist. Although I like collecting matchbox labels. Phillumeny is the act of hoarding them (rather than lighting them). My interest is purely in what they say about graphic design.


Weekend Heller: Lustig Cards, Travel Porn, Recovering Classics

New Directions, the publisher for who Alvin Lustig produced many covers, is coming out with new editions of IN THE AMERICAN GRAIN, THE PRINCESS OF CLEVES, or SEASON IN  HELL. In conjunction they are also offing a box of 50 postcards with covers of some of Lustig’s most interesting works. Order here. + +...

candy 3

Sweet Type: Candy Packaging

The sweetest typography has long been found on candy packaging (candy bars and boxes). Every trick in the box was used, including shadows, outlines, embossed, debossed, metallic, Art Deco, Art Nouveau and Imperial style. Here (below) are a few I found recently. And here is a tasty candy wrapper archive.

Matchless Originals from Japan

These are original sketches for Japanese match box labels created in the 1930s by an anonymous graphic artist. Rendered in black and white, they were meant to print in a single color. Some are drawn and lettered on slick paper remnants, others were produced on the backs of photographs, like the snap shot below....