Photography and Design

In the design world, photography sometimes gets ignored. But photography and graphic design have a long, twinned history, and Print’s vast archive of photos and photo illustrations are sure to inspire graphic designers. You can also immerse yourself in our popular Image of the Day archive, a curated look at the design world through our editors’ and art director’s eyes—visual inspiration refreshed every morning.

John Baeder Still Life

Putting the Faux into Still Lifes

"The real look fake, the fake look real" says still life painter John Baeder. This artist is fascinated with faux vegetables, flowers and fruit.


Ludwig Hohlwein’s Fun In The Sun

“Man and Sunlight” is English title of Hans Surén’s book “Der Mensch und die Sonne”, published in 1924; one of many celebrating the German obsession with physical purity and hygiene, nude gymnastics and sun bathing. Surén advocated that men (and women as their mates) dedicate their lives to physical development. Nude gymnastics, he asserted,...

Full page Timeless Whoppers

Have a Whopper Today

Famed ad man George Lois and Luke Lois have been creating these political ad caricatures for The Nation as a part of the Timeless WHopper campaign to illustrate some of the biggest fibs made by public figures.

Pencil to Pixel, Exhibit by Monotype

Relive the Beauty of Pencil to Pixel

Did you miss “Pencil to Pixel,” a one-week popup exhibit of artifacts representing more than 100 years of typeface design? Check out these fabulous photos.


World War II in Believable Miniature: The Work of Levinthal & Trudeau

In 1973 photographer David Levinthal and cartoonist Garry Trudeau (Doonesbury) began collaborating on a project while studying together at Yale School of Art and Architecture. Levinthal took grainy sepia photos of World War II era Nazi toy soldiers and equipment in battle. The result was Hitler Moves East. For Levinthal, the work launched his...


Rick Poynor’s Observer: Picture This

The Unwritten History of Graphic Designers and Photography The relationship between photography and graphic design receives much less attention than we might expect. After all, photography is fundamental to graphic design, as it has been since the latter was formulated as a professional practice. The 1920s modernist concept of the “typophoto,” which underpins graphic...

War Torn

This book was designed to show the nadir not the apotheosis of war. Kamerad im Westen: Ein Bericht in 221 Bildern (Comrade in the West: A Report in 221 Pictures)(Societäts-Verlag) is a 1930 compilation of home front and battlefield photographs of the “great war” transformed into devastating carnage. Although it might be misinterpreted by...

Robert Burley Photographs the End of Analog Photography

In 2010, the Canadian photographer Robert Burley, and others, traveled to Parsons, Kansas, to commemorate the end of an era, and to get film developed. At the height of Kodachrome’s popularity, according to this New York Times article, the film was processed at 25 locations around the world. In 2009, when Kodak discontinued the...

Ultimate Expression: Polaroid, Google, and A New American Picture 

Say the word “Polaroid” today and it evokes genuine nostalgia that reaches back to 1948, when the Land Camera, the first camera capable of providing pictures more or less instantly, hit the market—and it simultaneously conjures a contemporary retro-chic aesthetic that seems like it will be in vogue for the foreseeable future. In the...