When We Were Pals

With all the noise, I mean news, that Russia and the United States — Presidents Putin and Obama — are finding it hard to get along, it might be sobering to recall our tenuous alliance with the Soviets against the …


Soviet Revolution Italian Style

Propaganda poster project aims to educate using digitally manipulated Soviet propaganda posters, where the original texts have been changed into new slogan.

Full page Timeless Whoppers

Have a Whopper Today

Famed ad man George Lois and Luke Lois have been creating these political ad caricatures for The Nation as a part of the Timeless WHopper campaign to illustrate some of the biggest fibs made by public figures.


Dubious Typeface For Sale

Signal is a German script typeface, designed in 1931 by Walter Wege for H. Berthold AG in Berlin. It was inspired by brush script created in the late 1920s and rooted in the sachplakat aesthetic of the time. In 1932, …


Seeing Red with Krasnaia Niva

The lads at Productive Arts have a incredible run of Krasnaia Niva (Red Field), an illustrated newsprint journal published weekly by Izvestiia from its beginning in 1923 through 1929 and in 36 issues from 1930 through its end in 1931. …


Register Ye Olde Weapons

If they could do it in the Middle Ages, why not today? Do what, you ask? In days of old when knights were bold the primary method of personal or clan identification on the battlefield was the heraldic symbol. Originally, …


A Stan Mack Cartoon Chronicle of Revolutions Foretold

Stan Mack’s “Real Life Funnies” strip, created in the mid-1970s for the “Village Voice,” presaged the documentary comics of artists such as Art Spiegelman and Joe Sacco. And now it appears that his Print feature from 17 years ago also …