Lettering in the Butter Dish

At the turn of the century, the French Republic was threatened by a military-church-aristocracy coalition and a huge bureaucratic machine dominated by L’assiette au Beurre or the Butter Dish.


Vive La Liberation!

Have you wondered what it would be like to have your city liberated from enemy occupation? Those living in 1944 during the liberation de Paris would have had that experience.


The Mandela Poster Project

Graphic designers in 70 countries created more than 700 posters to celebrate Nelson Mandela’s life and legacy for The Mandela Poster Project. 95 selected posters are now on display.


Split Personality Fascism

This cover of Gioventu Fascista, the journal of Mussolini’s Italian Fascist youth organization, was later known for his highly stylized, art deco depictions of the “new youth.”


“Calling America,” 1939

In light of President Obama’s searingly anguished remarks about race relations and the Trayvon Martin trial on Friday, it is useful to look back at a 1939 issue of Survey Graphic.


What I’ll Miss About the End of Print Media

Magazine and newspaper racks keep getting pushed further and further into the depths of stores, next to the beef jerky and other novelties. Steven Heller looks back to the golden era of illustrated magazines.


Per i Bambini

When properly trained (or shall we say indoctrinated), children are the shock troops of ideology. Benito Mussolini was not the only Fascist dictator to target children as the future of his power base (here is an example from Franco’s Spain), …


July 4: CONSENSUS, at Last!

On this Independence Day, let’s get behind the candidate the D’s and R’s can support. (From Cartoons Magazine, the Daily Show of its day.)


When We Were Pals

With all the noise, I mean news, that Russia and the United States — Presidents Putin and Obama — are finding it hard to get along, it might be sobering to recall our tenuous alliance with the Soviets against the …


Soviet Revolution Italian Style

Propaganda poster project aims to educate using digitally manipulated Soviet propaganda posters, where the original texts have been changed into new slogan.