Protesting Racism And Hate With Political Art

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Following the horrific events precipitated by white nationalists, neo-Nazis and Ku Klux Klan members on Saturday in Charlottesville, VA, where 32-year-old Heather Heyer was murdered, President Trump shockingly came out in favor of the alt-right. The response by our community was swift. Some illustrators and designers created work anew, others re-purposed existing political art, illustrations and posters, and these began appearing in online publications and social media.

Prolific anti-Trump stalwart illustrator Edel Rodriguez—known for his TIME magazine “Melt Down” covers—produced 2 images, seemingly overnight. Satirical illustrator and caricaturist Steve Brodner cropped in on an earlier Trump portrait, one of many he has created, for maximum effect. Others, like myself, created something new. As Robin Landa said on Facebook, “Designers: We need to flood social channels with protest posters.”

So here is my contribution; a collection of protest posters from artists and designers who refuse to sit by silently and let hate win. Share your political art with us @printmag.

political art

Edel Rodriguez’s instantaneous cover for “Der Spiegel”.

political art

Edel’s “Take It Down”.

political art

Steve Brodner cropped his earlier image to increase the impact

political art

Carolyn Sewell drew on top of “The Washingtonian”

political art

Trump 24K Gold Plated Poster, Designed by Mark Fox and Angie Wang (Design is Play) from the new ‘The Design of Dissent, Expanded Edition’ book by Milton Glaser and Mirko Ilić

political art

Felix Sockwell

political art

Mike Mitchell

political art

James Victore

political art

“The Stain in Chief” by Victore

Brian Stauffer

Jon Berkeley

David Plunkert

Bob Staake

political art

Arlen Schumer

political art

My contribution

political art
Ward Sutton

political art

José Cruz

John Langdon

7 thoughts on “Protesting Racism And Hate With Political Art

  1. Irony Curtain

    So ironic and childish to see all these designers goose-stepping in unison to promote the absurd lie that President Trump is a Nazi promoting hate groups. Joseph Goebbels would be so proud! Worse is the ignorance on display by these spoiled, participation trophy crybabies who still cannot come to terms with the fact that the election is over and they’ve got to put down the joint and get on with life. It’s amazing that these leftists consider themselves pillars of tolerance and diversity, yet cannot even imagine that anyone else in the country could POSSIBLY have a different opinion on anything. Deviate just an inch from the GroupThink on display here and you get the Alinsky Treatment: isolated and vilified.
    History newsflash for anyone willing to listen: The Nazis were National Socialists. SOCIALISTS. Their idea was to mandate government control of every aspect of your life. You know, the Obama/Clinton/Sanders method. Conservatives, on the other hand want all the power in the hands of the individual with the government out of your life. The polar opposite of Nazism.
    President Trump spoke out to condemn the violence in Virginia very clearly and forcefully. To say otherwise is a lie. Don’t let the facts of what he actually said confuse you, though. Follow the link to The New York Times and have them interpret it for you instead. (Hilarious.) Of course, no one in the media will ever shove a mic in Hillary Clinton’s face and ask her if she condemns the hundreds of violent acts by the fascist “Antifa”, inspired by her refusal to lose gracefully, stop “resisting” free and fair elections, and just go the f away. I may as well hope someone will ask B. Hussein Obama about how his promotion of the racist, cop-hating BLM inspired the cop killings in Dallas and elsewhere. Good thing no one takes Bernie Sanders seriously, otherwise we might start to see Republicans shot by his devoted disciple while playing baseball. Oh, wait…
    If you’re all done patting yourselves on the back over how clever you are maybe you’d like to design some protest propaganda that REALLY gets the facts straight on racism. Let’s design some condemnation of the folks who GAVE us the KKK – The Democrat Party! Lynchings – Democrats! Jim Crow Laws – Democrats! Standing in the schoolhouse doors – Democrats! “Offensive” Confederate Statues – Democrats!
    I’m not gonna kid myself, I know this is falling on deaf ears. Unfortunately, artists and designers are the most closed-minded folks around with zero tolerance for diversity of thought. So, keep marching in lockstep. Keep projecting the racist history of the Democrat party on to Trump and Republicans. Keep “resisting” free elections that don’t go your way. Keep turning a blind eye to the violent, fascist, stoned imbeciles of “Antifa” no matter what they do. (Even if they stab a guy because they’ve branded his haircut “Nazi!”) And most of all, keep talking to each other in your safe space circle jerk. The more you do, the more likely you’ll be crying and resisting again on the next Election Day as the rest of America rejects your extremism.

    1. Studious

      Thank you! Your essay is so brilliantly written and articulate that I actually stood up from my chair after reading it and clapped. I did. You speak with great courage and on behalf of I’m sure so many designers and artists out there who want to say what you said but are fearful of being, as you stated, “vilified” at their jobs and from their circle of artist friends for deviating just an inch from the mindless GroupThink that is so evident today.

      As artists/designers/creative people isn’t it really just about original thought? Instead, today’s design community has become what we all seem to be fighting against…being hopelessly bullied. Just by a different group. It’s as if that we as designers forgot the joy of seeing and loving an indie band and instead all just listen to Beyonce records. My goodness, what has happened! What I’m really looking for is the designers/artists/illustrators with the set of stones to start designing posters calling out the true racist violence and real Nazism of Antifa and BLM. And actually putting their name to the poster like so many of the above artists actually do. If you do your research and really step back and see what Antifa is doing, they are not much different than the truly despicable KKK. Is this the America you want? Do you really kid yourself that they are peaceful and on the correct side? That all takes courage and the ability to reason. That’s an artist, not someone who just wants to fit in and be applauded in their safe spaces of robotic thinkers. We all know that will never happen because then “that artist” who steps out and is actually daring will be blackballed from the closed-minded community of the artist. It’s really laughable that artists are actually the most closed-minded people when in reality we should really be opening ourselves up to the most imaginable and original free thinking…even when we disagree with it.

      Was everyone so mesmerized by the messiah Barrack Obama? I mean for crying out loud, the world is on fire and it has nothing to do with Donald Trump. Did you not forget “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor?” Perhaps the biggest lie with far greater consequences to American culture than a third bathroom or shutting down a conservative speaker on a college campus. Point is, this isn’t about Obama or Trump anymore. It’s about free speech and free thinking and NOT being a puppet and going along with a fringe leftist view that they want you to believe. Think for yourself and see both sides. That’s what the true artist does, for better or worse. And please do educate yourself, like Irony Curtain brilliantly suggests in their essay, about history and what the Nazis and Socialist Party actually were. It isn’t hard, just Google it. Along with the history of the Democratic party while you’re at it.

      Also check what is going on in Venezuela. They are now out of toothpaste. Toothpaste! That’s socialism is it’s truest form and if you really want to see creativity, see the incredible hand-made posters and art of the people there revolting against their government. And don’t forget the American kid Otto in North Korea. His crime, stealing a poster. A poster. How ironic when you consider this article.

  2. q.lili

    Why are none of these posters illustrating the Antifas members in black carrying and using baseball bats to beat down and suppress communications that are objectively offensive, although legal? It seems that the idea that since this society will not suppress communications that are objectively offensive and impose safe zones throughout the nation, where never an ill word may be heard, then the politics of the DNC promote mobs menacing, threatening and actually inflicting corporal punishments upon persons who, although legally gathered with permits and insurance in place, with security prearranged, are soo very offensive in their communications that objectively the hearer is offended. Mob violence now is promoted to control what the First Amendment will not control?

    1. Bill Ward

      True. The mainstream response to this has been largely one sided as has been the reporting. One has to seek out the facts independently. There is no freedom of speech when dissenting views are put down in favor of intellectual inbreeding. Truth should never take a back seat to a political agenda no matter how passionate one feels about their position.