Soviet Revolution Italian Style

Propaganda poster project aims to educate using digitally manipulated Soviet propaganda posters, where the original texts have been changed into new slogan.


History For The Price Of Peanuts

I can’t say I think of Planters’ Mr. Peanut as a source of historical data, but this colorful little “Paint Book” from 1935 would seem to indicate otherwise.


Old School vs. New School

In an effort to pull students away from the confines of a screen, they were tasked to design a poster for a play by Shakespeare by hand and also by computer. These were critiqued in a side-by- side comparison of the two efforts.


The Silent Lettering Revolution: Right to Left Exhibition

The modernising of Arabic and Persian script is a silent revolution explained the organizers of RIGHT-TO-LEFT in 2012 when they launched their initiative that focused on Middle East society via visual culture. It included an exhibition that might well be …

North Korea today.

Game of Flags: American Flag Propaganda

Poor Old Glory has been a staple of propaganda posters for as long as anyone (well anyone standing around me at the moment) can recall. American Flag propaganda is having its symbolic moment again, brought back as the object of …


Image of the Day, April 12, 2013

Awesome selection of prints over at society 6 created by young design professionals, like this Alphabet City map of London by Craig Ward.


France on the Right

The terms Right and Left were coined during the French Revolution (1789–99). They referred to where lawmakers sat inside the French parliament–on the right of the chair of the parliamentary president were supportive of the monarchist Ancien Régime. Today the …

Hats Off

Advertising for clothes and other wearable  fashions have long been well designed. These are among the most striking posters for hats and millinery I’ve seen in a long time. They are more colorful, striking and witty than many other genres.

Triggering Concern About Guns

The rapid fire of gun related tragedies has triggered more concern about regulation and the Second Amendment. The debate needs airing and The Gun Show: A Collection Of Posters Against Guns is mobilizing the creative community to put their talents …