Print Design

Modernism Rediscovered

A Designed Life re-imagines, re-creates and interprets three Cold War-era traveling displays of American designed and manufactured goods commissioned by the U.S. Department of State that were circulated within West Germany in the early 1950s.

The Largest Book In the World Pops Up

Hamid Rahmanian has dedicated ten years of his creative life to the Iranian classic "Zahhak: The Legend of the Serpent King". Le Monde says "it has all the ingredients of the blackest eastern tale ― palace intrigues, demons, invaders come from a far country."

Promoting the Times Is Timely

Even before The New York Times newspaper was graphically designed to enter the 20th century, its promotion department created memorable graphic design that underscored the greatness of the institution and won the hearts and minds of New Yorkers (like me). Opening on Wednesday Sept 5 at the Times Building, a mini-exhibition produced by the...

Who Could Have Imagined? What Can We Say?

In April 1988, 30 years ago, Donald J. Trump had started his devolution into the “Short Fingered Vulgarian” he is today (even in ’88 his hands were an issue). Yet who would have imagined this glob-mass of super id, a man who built a career on being “A power-mad egomaniac” would be elevated into...

Bosnia And Herzegovinia’s Design Legacy

The third edition of “Museum In Exile: Bosnia And Herzegovina In The Modern Era” by Asim Đelilović, (Buybook Sarajevo) is based on the first 2015 edition designed to represent the visual and industrial arts – a draft of history – of Bosnia and Herzgovina. It addresses the periods when designers made important contributions to...

Andy Warhol’s Interview Magazine Finally Shuts Up

Interview magazine has just ceased publication, not quite a half-century after it began. Here, Michael Dooley shares a 2005 review of a seven-volume set of books titles "Andy Warhol's Interview: The Crystal Ball of Pop Culture" that reads a little more like an obituary than a review.

Uncovering Hollywood History: The Collection

What DJ Ginsberg & Marilyn Wagner found in a back room at Franx Antiques & Art in Omaha, Nebraska was like no other find. Boxes and boxes of Hollywood relics covered in dust that would change their lives forever and lead to the creation of The Collection, a hollywood history documentary.