Will Burtin’s Beauty

Within a 1955 insert of Print, there was an insert written and designed by Will Burtin titled “A Program in Print: Upjohn and Design” seamlessly folded into the magazine.


The Ages Of “21″

In 1936, the former speakeasy and NYC restaurant-club, Jack & Charlie’s “21″ (what we now know as The 21 Club) published, “The Iron Gate” as a self-promotional tool.


Seeing Red with Krasnaia Niva

The lads at Productive Arts have a incredible run of Krasnaia Niva (Red Field), an illustrated newsprint journal published weekly by Izvestiia from its beginning in 1923 through 1929 and in 36 issues from 1930 through its end in 1931. …


Acid Candy From Argentina: Acido Surtido Design Magazine

Lucas López and Mauro López from Buenos Aires, Argentina, are the founders and editors of Acido Surtido, a design magazine started in 2001. I asked Lucas to explain the reasons for continuing an analog publication in this day and age. …


Paolo Soleri’s Visionary Book

Paolo Soleri, a visionary architect and designer of Arcosanti, the eccentric arts settlement in the Arizona desert that was a mecca for young creative-types during the hippie-era and a pioneer of the sustainable architecture movement, died at 93 this week. …


Post-Modern Storybook Illustrations

I consider myself very lucky to have been exposed to children’s books as a kid that were published way before my time—it gave me a wonderful perspective on everything from design and illustration to historical content. A good example is …

Tom Bodkin, Chief Creative Officer

Tom Bodkin, who has either held or currently holds positions of art director, senior art director, design director, assistant managing editor, and deputy managing editor of The New York Times was recently, well deservedly named its Chief Creative Officer, a …

The Baffler's New Colors

The Baffler #22 is the first full color issue in its history. That’s pretty monumental, especially since most color magazines are now entering their digital stages. I asked John Summers, editor-in-chief and Patrick J.B. Flynn, design and art director to …

Debbie Millman to Design 2013 RDA Cover

We’re beyond thrilled that Debbie Millman has agreed to design the cover for the RDA this year! Print Magazine (www.printmag.com) is pleased to announce that Debbie Millman (http://debbiemillman.com/ @debbiemillman) will be designing the cover of its Regional Design Annual issue which …