Looking Back: Working with Herb Lubalin on U&lc

Herb Lubalin was not only a boss, but was a mentor and father-figure to Ellen Shapiro. She, along with Ilene Strizver and Jason Calfo, talk about working with the legendary Herb Lubalin at U&lc.


Holy Moley: An App With A Hole

The Book of Holes, a children’s book with a hole running directly through the printed version, will soon become an app with unique design attributes to illustrate a similar effect.


Split Personality Fascism

This cover of Gioventu Fascista, the journal of Mussolini’s Italian Fascist youth organization, was later known for his highly stylized, art deco depictions of the “new youth.”


Twitter of the 19th Century

I hope you are able to read some of these spot adverts in the San Francisco Examiner of 1893. They may not be pure poetry but they are relics of a bygone age. Before the advent of ad men, this …


Car Couture

If this is a car culture, then our poets are the copy writers of car brochures. Check out these spreads from a brochure touting Plymouth, an affordable choice.


The Year the How Design Conference Got “Ugly”

The year was 1993 and using a computer for graphic design was, well, uncommon. See what Carlos Segura had to say about his digital design of the HOW Design Conference brochure that gave the design industry something big to talk about.


Will Burtin’s Beauty

Within a 1955 insert of Print, there was an insert written and designed by Will Burtin titled “A Program in Print: Upjohn and Design” seamlessly folded into the magazine.


The Ages Of “21″

In 1936, the former speakeasy and NYC restaurant-club, Jack & Charlie’s “21″ (what we now know as The 21 Club) published, “The Iron Gate” as a self-promotional tool.


Seeing Red with Krasnaia Niva

The lads at Productive Arts have a incredible run of Krasnaia Niva (Red Field), an illustrated newsprint journal published weekly by Izvestiia from its beginning in 1923 through 1929 and in 36 issues from 1930 through its end in 1931. …