Regional Design Annual 2015: Midwest

The Regional Design Annual is America’s preeminent design competition. View the winners of the 2015 RDA from the Midwest below, or enter the 2016 RDA by April 1!.

MWCharles Spencer Anderson—2014 AIGA Medalist and founder of the iconic Minneapolis-based Charles S. Anderson Design Co.—has long shown by example that the Midwest is a force to be reckoned with. As Steven Heller has written, “He further placed the Midwest on the design map, blending nostalgic pastiche with contemporary aesthetics of color and form.”

Anderson uses his playful design style to take brands to the next level, giving each a healthy dose of personality. So it’s only fair that he expected entrants in this year’s RDA to elevate their work—whether it be for a client or a personal project—to that proverbial next level. “Creating safe, predictable work might be easier to sell, but it does your client a disservice because if it doesn’t stand out and get noticed, it won’t communicate,” Anderson says.

In selecting winners for the Midwest, Anderson had to get tough as he was looking for good ideas that were executed well across the board. “Many entries get rejected for what they lack, which can overshadow their attributes. Poor typography, photography, illustration, color or composition can eliminate an entry… Also, weak concepts or uninteresting approaches that may be overused, boring and predictable,” he says. Anderson’s advice for designers looking to gain recognition for their work (and thus, best serve their client) is simple: “Create work that expresses your own unique personal aesthetic, as opposed to latching onto a passing design trend.”

Regional Design Annual Winners from the Midwest