4 Famous Names of the RDA: Why You Should Enter Print’s Regional Design Annual

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Sagmeister. Scher. Bierut. Everyone gets their start somewhere.

For Justin Timberlake, it was the Mickey Mouse Club. For Andy Warhol, it was Glamour magazine. For you, it could be Print’s Regional Design Annual.

Winners from the past speak highly of the benefits winning an RDA has had on their careers:

“…exposure and a sense of accomplishment knowing my work stands up with the best in the country.” –Tyler Gross Illustration, Denver, CO

“As a Regional Design Annual winner you gain NATIONAL recognition, exposure and validation.” –Amanda Acevedo, Niles, IL

“It’s an honor to be part of this club, an honor to be part of this community of people making things better.” –Tad Carpenter Creative, Kansas City, MO

Throughout its 35 years, the Print Regional Design Annual has seen designers from coast to coast, from different backgrounds and from small firms to famous names. Entering the 2016 RDA could be your chance to have your name next to some of the greats of graphic design.

Feast your eyes on these award-winning designs from just some of the RDA’s most famous winners. Don’t forget to submit your work by April 3rd. And who knows, maybe you’ll be on this list next time.

Michael Bierut

Paula Scher

Stefan Sagmeister

Matteo Bologna