Regional Design Awards Winners 2016: Far West

Far West Regional Design Awards Winners Gallery (Page 2)

21. Fall Cup and Promotion


Starbucks Global Creative Studio, Seattle; Jeffrey Fields, Dena Blevins, Steve Murray (creative directors), Kristy Cameron (art director), Jimmy Balch, Krispijn Larrison, Nina Painter (designers), Victor Melendez (illustrator), Ethan Johnson, TJ Hatfield, Lisa O’Brien (writers); Starbucks Coffee Company (client)

22. “Feed Your Brain” Supergraphic


TCA Graphic Design Studio, Los Angeles; India Howlett (creative director), Nate Rosales, Tory Hoffman (designers); TCA Architects (client)

23. Fort Point Beer Company Can Packaging


Manual, San Francisco; Tom Crabtree (creative director), Eileen Lee (designer); Fort Point Beer Company (client)

“We selected color combinations that would be a deliberate departure from more typical beer packaging, with the intention of cutting through clutter on a shelf or aisle. The result is a set of designs that looks elegant, refined and still playful.”

— Manual (23)

24. GT’s Kombucha “Sharing Gratitude” Limited-Edition Bottle


Hornall Anderson, Seattle; Nory Emori (creative director/strategy director), Jay Hilburn (designer/illustrator), Mary LaCoste (writer), Alesia Wilkens (account manager); GT’s Kombucha (client)

25. Hudson Grace Dish Soap


Through Smoke Creative, Sausalito, CA; Gary McNatton (creative director/art director), Matthew Fadness (art director/designer), Kerrie Chappelka (photographer); Hudson Grace (client)

26. Indoek Venice Issue


ITAL/C, Los Angeles; ITAL/C (creative direction/art direction/design/ illustration/photography/writing), Ty Williams (illustrator), Kenny Hurtado, David Black, Peter Karnig, Kassia Meador, Anthony Friedken (photographers), Danny DiMauro, Janna Irons, Todd Murphy, Eric Gross, Trace Marshall, Strider Wasilewski, Mark Wiesmayr (writers); Indoek (client)

27. Interflow Design Conference


Academy of Art University, San Francisco; John Nettleton (creative director/ art director), Alex Chen (creative director/art director/designer); Academy of Art University (client)

28. La Marcha Tapas Bar Branding


Shelby Designs & Illustrates, Oakland, CA; www.shelby Shelby Putnam Tupper (creative director/art director), Keely Reyes (designer); La Marcha (client)

29. Living & Breathing: 20 Years of Patagonia in New York City


nohawk, Ventura, CA; Dmitri Siegel (creative director), Scott Massey (art director/designer), James Victore, George Bates, Brian Willmont, Alelli Tanghal, Emily Anderson (illustrators), Jeff Johnson, Joni Sternbach, Zak Bush, Joey Dwyer, Tim Davis, Mr. Mort (photographers), Vincent Stanley, Jamie Brisick, Paul Greenberg, Marty Molitoris (writers), Yasha Wallin, Danielle Egge (editors); Patagonia (client)

30. Miller Lite Steinie Visual Identity


Turner Duckworth Design: London & San Francisco, San Francisco; David Turner, Bruce Duckworth, Mark Waters (creative directors), Miles Marshall (art director/designer/illustrator), John Randall (designer/illustrator), Chris Simpson (designer), Geoff Appleton (illustrator); MillerCoors (client)

“To reestablish Miller Lite’s premium beer credentials, we changed the proportions of our color palette, increasing the use of gold that is set against white to give a clean, contemporary finish.”

— Turner Duckworth Design: London & San Francisco (30)

31. Mohawk Maker Quarterly Issue No. 07


Hybrid Design, San Francisco; Dora Drimalas (creative director), Caleb Kozlowski (art director), Mike Anderson (designer/illustrator), Patchara Charoensiri, Tad Carpenter (illustrators); Mohawk Paper (client)

32. Mohawk Maker Quarterly Issues 05, 06, 07


Hybrid Design, San Francisco; Dora Drimalas (creative director), Caleb Kozlowski (art director), Mike Anderson (designer/ illustrator), Patchara Charoensiri, Tad Carpenter, Lab Partners, Erik Marinovich, Anna Bond (illustrators), Henrik Kam (photographer), Bryn Mooth, Sarah Whitman (writers); Mohawk Paper (client)

33. Mollet Brand and Collateral Suite


HUB Collective, Portland, OR; Jade Gonzales (art director/designer), Zack Custer, Ashley Pieren, Colleen Fulford (designers), Alyssa Beck (writer); Mollet Printing (client)

34. Morgan Tin Gods


Gareth Fry Design, Orem, UT; Gareth Fry (creative director/art director/ designer/photographer); Morgan Motor Company (photography/client)

35. Mr. Lunch and J. Otto Seibold Exhibition Design


Contemporary Jewish Museum Design Department, San Francisco; J. Otto Seibold (creative director), Brad J. Aldridge (art director/designer), Josh Pieper, Ian Treasure (designers); Contemporary Jewish Museum, San Francisco (client)

“[This was] an immersive exhibition celebrating the 25th anniversary of J. Otto Seibold’s Mr. Lunch books. Drawing on Mr. Seibold’s illustrations as inspiration, visitors were given a passport to travel through customs and board a plane, a boat—with an accidental stop in jail.”

— Contemporary Jewish Museum Design Department (35)

36. National Parks Campaign


Pendleton Woolen Mills In-House, Portland, OR: Kathy Monaghan (creative director), Andrea Capp (designer/illustrator/photographer); Pendleton Woolen Mills (client)


37. Neenah Paper Beauty of Letterpress Poster


Gee + Chung Design, San Francisco; Earl Gee (creative director/art director/designer/illustrator), TPD Design House (concept/design/printing); Neenah Paper (client)

38. Nordstrom Holiday Packaging


Nordstrom Marketing, Seattle: Asa Sandlund (creative director), Nate Rasmussen, Tina Ruppel, Maria Blackburn (art directors), Gloria Chen, Robert Trozzo, Jun Galsim, Emilly Anderson (designers), Sanna Annukka (illustrator), Scott Galiher (writer); Nordstrom (client)

“Our goal: to strike the balance between Nordic nostalgia and a feeling of newness.”

— Nordstrom Marketing (38)

39. O+A Holiday Coasters


Studio O+A, San Francisco; Verda Alexander, Primo Orpilla (creative directors), Elizabeth Vereker (creative director/art director), Paulina McFarland, Olivia Ward (designers), Sakae Beers, Jasper Sanidad (photographers), Al McKee (writer); Studio O+A (client)

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