Regional Design Awards Winners 2016: Far West

Far West Regional Design Awards Winners Gallery (Page 3)

40. Pacific Lodge Youth Services


Saputo Design Inc., Westlake Village, CA; Tom Saputo (creative director/art director), Andra Gheorghe (designer); Pacific Lodge Youth Services (client)

41. PayPal Timonium Workplace Branding


Media Objectives at Valerio Dewalt Train, San Francisco; Ellen Bean Spurlock (creative director), Taylor Loutsis, Shane Hendry (designers), Ron Soloman (photographer); PayPal (client)

42. Pendry Hotels Brochure


ITAL/C, Los Angeles; ITAL/C (creative direction/art direction/design/ illustration/photography/writing), Janna Irons (writer); Pendry Hotels (client)

43. Platform T Packaging and Logo


Karsh Hagan, Denver; Charlotte Isoline (creative director), Camille King (art director/designer), Lindsey Mills (designer), Karen Morris, Laurel Kelleher (writers); Platform T (client)

44. Portland Streetcar Logo


Spoke, Portland, OR; Brian Kerr (creative director/art director/designer), Cody Sprague (designer); Portland Streetcar Inc. (client)

“Portland Streetcar approached us to review and evaluate their brand, including the logo, taglines, colors and station presence. … The new logo evokes the ‘S’ of ‘Streetcar,’ its rails, the bridges it crosses and the east and west sides of Portland coming together.”

—Spoke (44)

45. Press Café


Pivot Group, Portland, OR; Alyssa Wise (creative director/writer), Rachel Getsinger (art director/designer), Kelsie Montgomery (designer), David Griffiths (photographer); Press Café (client)

46. Qualtrics Casino Royale Poster


Qualtrics, Provo, UT; Stewart West (creative director), John Johnson (creative director/art director/designer), Garrett Wessman (designer); Qualtrics (client)

47. Rittman Orchard


CF Napa, Napa, CA; David Schuemann (creative director), Kevin Reeves, Antonio Rivera (art directors), AJ Getz (designer); CF Napa (client)

48. Ritual Chocolate Packaging


Modern8, Salt Lake City; Randall Smith (creative director), Mike Harris (art director/designer), Kent Carollo (designer); Ritual Chocolate (client)

49. San Francisco Design Week


Character, San Francisco; Ed O’Brien (creative director/art director), Tish Evangelista, Ben Pham (creative directors), Michael Mason, Will Geddes (designers), Todd Tankersley (photographer); AIGA San Francisco (client)

50. Sappi Standard 6


Studio Hinrichs, San Francisco; Kit Hinrichs (creative director/art director), Takayo Muroga-Fredericks (designer), Delphine Hirasuna (writer); Sappi Paper North America (client)

51. Scripps Magazine Winter 2016 Issue


DISTINC_, Pasadena, CA; Jean-Marc Durviaux (creative director), Joseph Prichard (art director/designer), Chris Burnett, Katie Hanburger (illustrators), Jacqueline Legazcue (photographer), Kathryn Masterson, Mark Golub, Hao Huang, Babak Sanii, Corey Tazzara, Rivka Weinberg, Kevin Williamson, Andrew Nguy, Cindy Cruz (writers); Scripps College (client)

52. See For Yourself Book


Volume Inc., San Francisco; Adam Brodsley (creative director), Eric Heiman (creative director/art director/designer), Bryan Bindloss, John Provencher (designers), Rob Forbes (photographer/writer); Chronicle Books (client)

“Rob Forbes’ See For Yourself is a handbook, a meditation and a travelogue all wrapped into one visual package. Our design incorporates all these modes and straddles the line between sophisticated and accessible, visually showcasing Rob’s principles of ‘seeing for yourself’ and how they can enrich our
everyday lives.”

—Volume Inc. (52)

53. Standard 6 Numerals


Studio Hinrichs, San Francisco; Kit Hinrichs (creative director/art director), Dang Nguyen (designer); Sappi Paper North America (client)

54. Starbucks Holiday Red Cup & Paper Goods


Starbucks Global Creative Studio, Seattle; Jeffrey Fields, Dena Blevins, Steve Murray, Karen Silveria (creative directors), Jeff Barlow (art director), Sam Knight, Danielle Yocom (designers), Drew Wilson, Esther Asuncion (illustrators), TJ Hatfield, Ethan Johnson, Andy Brawner, Kristine San Mateo(writers); Starbucks Coffee Company (client)see y

55. stereo_mono_hifi


Graham Moore, Los Angeles; Ross Patrick (creative director), Graham Moore (art director/designer); Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (client)

56. Surf Is Where You Find It (Revised and Expanded)


nohawk, Ventura, CA; Dmitri Siegel (creative director), Scott Massey (art director/designer), Art Brewer, Jeff Divine, Ron Stoner, Jeff Hornbaker, Leroy Grannis, Don James, Jeff Johnson, Don King, Dan Merkel, Ben Moon, Joe Quigg, Denjiro Sato, Tom Servais, John Severson, Craig Stecyk, Mike Waggoner, Steve Wilkings (photographers), Jane Sievert (photo editor), Gerry Lopez, Steve Pezman, Rob Machado (writers); Patagonia Books (client)

57. Surf Shack Prints


ITAL/C, Los Angeles; ITAL/C (creative direction/art direction/design/ illustration/client)

58. Teforia


Character, San Francisco; Tish Evangelista (creative director), Meghan Berckes (art director/designer/illustrator), Claudia Di Martino, Yung-Hung Huang, Matt Carvalho (designers), Laurie Frankel (photographer), Diva Dimartini (writer); Teforia (client)

59. Tell a Story: Executing Design as Narrative


Studio O+A, San Francisco; Primo Orpilla, Verda Alexander, Denise Cherry (creative directors), Elizabeth Vereker (creative director/art director/designer), Olivia Ward
(designer/illustrator), Jasper Sanidad, Sakae Beers (photographers), Al McKee (writer); Studio O+A (client)

60. Upton Belt Packaging


Wedge & Lever, Encinitas, CA; Wedge & Lever (creative direction/art direction/design/photography); Upton Belts (client)

“The belt packaging is the heart of the Upton brand experience. Elegant and inviting, it leaves a lasting impression of aesthetic value.”
—Wedge & Lever (60)

61. Volta Industries Brand


Butchershop Creative, San Francisco; Trevor Hubbard (creative director/art director), Kenny Chan (designer); Volta Industries (client)

62. Writing Book 2015


Gold, San Francisco; Heidi Meredith, Renee Walker (creative directors/art directors/designers); California College of the Arts (client)