Regional Design Awards Winners 2016: Southwest

21. Metrolink Train Safety Textbook Covers


RK Venture, Albuquerque, NM; Richard Kuhn (creative director), Rebecca Hahs (art director/designer); Metrolink (client)

22. Mighty Swell Sparkling Cocktails


Helms Workshop, Austin, TX; Christian Helms (creative director/art director), Drew Lakin, Collin Hall (designers); Mighty Swell Sparkling Cocktails (client)

23. Mill No. 3


The Matchbox Studio, Dallas; Liz Burnett (creative director), Danielle Aldrich (art director/designer/illustrator), Katie Kitchens (art director/designer), Mitchell Ditto (writer); Mill No. 3 (client)

“We created a yearlong direct mail and social media campaign that highlighted [Mingo’s] many services in a way that was digestible for designers and novices through imaginative art, and a well-timed punchline: ‘And M.I.N.G.O. was its name-o.’”

—Cubic Inc. (24)

24. Mingo Press 2015 M.I.N.G.O. Campaign


Cubic Inc., Tulsa, OK; Winston Peraza (creative director), Katy Livingston (art director/designer), Megan Sheperd (art director/writer), Libby Bender (writer); Mingo Press

25. Off Broadway On Flora 2015/2016 Season Book


Ben Rush Visual Communication, Dallas; Ben Rush (creative director/art director/designer), Mike Richman, David Denson (writers); AT&T Performing Arts Center (client)

26. Pier 1 Limited Edition Pop-Up Holiday Catalog


Paperpops, Houston; Bruce Foster (creative director/art director/designer); Paperpops (client)

27. Pinnacle West Capital Corporation 2015 Annual Report


Fisher, Phoenix; Hugh Mulligan (creative director/art director/designer), Melanie Lewis (designer), Ed Mell (photographer); Pinnacle West Capital Corporation (client)

28. Public Employees Retirement Association of New Mexico Logo


3 Advertising, Albuquerque, NM; Sam Maclay (creative director), Tim McGrath (art director/designer); Public Employees Retirement Association of New Mexico (client)

“The Public Employees Retirement Association of New Mexico administers and protects the state’s retirement trust. We created a logo that depicts the preservation and protection of a nest egg, rendered in a Southwestern and sun-like optimistic feel.”

—3 Advertising (28)

29. Homepage Cover #40: Super Bowl Highlights


RBMM, Dallas; Jeff Barfoot (creative director), Garrett Owen (art director/ designer/illustrator); RBMM (client)

30. RBMM Oktoberfest Stein


RBMM, Dallas; Jeff Barfoot (creative director), Garrett Owen (art director/designer); RBMM (client)

31. Real Ale Bombers


The Butler Bros, Austin, TX; Marty Butler (creative director/art director), Adam Butler (creative director), Jacob Carter (designer/illustrator), Curtis Jinkins (illustrator), Adam Voorhes (photographer), Jeremy Spencer, David Courtney (writers); Real Ale Brewing Company (client)

32. Reasonably Corrupt Can Packaging


DeRouen & Co., Austin, TX; Derrit DeRouen (creative director/art director/designer), Justin Helton, Status Serigraph (illustration); Great Raft Brewing (client)

33. Reclaim the Kitchen


The Richards Group, Dallas; Brian Linder, Dave Longfield, Dennis Walker (creative directors), Kyle Kelley (art director/designer); Wolf (client)

34. Retro Nuts Packaging


Test Monki, The Woodlands, TX; Suzy Simmons (creative director/art director), Yiwen Lu, Gabby Nguyen (designers), iStock, Mauricio Photography (photography); Tuty’s USA (client)

35. Richard Linklater’s Everybody Wants Some Beer


Helms Workshop, Austin, TX; Christian Helms (creative director/art director), Lauren Dickens, Drew Lakin, Alana Lyons (designers); Alamo Drafthouse, Austin Beerworks (clients)

36. Roots on Tap


70kft, Dallas; James Harrison (creative director), Becky Lin (art director/designer), Terez Barbaro (writer); Roots on Tap (client)

“This design positions Roots on Tap as a friendly and contemporary brand. The geometric shapes symbolize the simplicity of the organic, locally grown fruits and vegetables while overlapping to visually represent blending.”

—70kft (36)

37. Serigraphic Research Institute


Serigraphic Research Institute, Denton, TX; Alex Egner (creative director/art director/designer); Serigraphic Research Institute (client)

38. Share on Cougar


Squires & Company, Dallas; Geoff German (creative director/designer /writer), Ryan Bailey (art director/designer), Adam Fish (photographer), Michael Beukema, Laurie Williamson (writers); Domtar Paper (client)

39. State Fair of Texas Poster

8425 Fair Theme Illustration_07_B

The Matchbox Studio, Dallas; Liz Burnett (creative director), Zach Hale (art director/designer/ illustrator); The State Fair of Texas (client)

“St. Laurent is a handcrafted gin whose essence is one part mystery and one part discovery. A Canadian gin with a label primarily in French, the design pulls inspiration from author Jules Verne, along with visual cues from antique encyclopedias.”

—Chad Michael Studio (40)

40. St. Laurent Gin


Chad Michael Studio, Dallas; Chad Michael (creative director/art director/designer), Marija Tiurina (illustrator), Rusty Hill (photographer); Distillerie du St. Laurent (client)

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