Regional Design Awards Winners 2017: East

The Regional Design Awards is America’s preeminent design competition. View the winners of the 2017 RDA from the East below.

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Regional Design Awards Winners from the East

EDDIE OPARA, East region judge

It’s hard to pinpoint Pentagram partner Eddie Opara’s definitive area of expertise, as his multidisciplinary background as an ace at everything from technology and design to strategy is exactly what made him a perfect addition to Pentagram New York City’s office as a partner in 2010. Prior to that, it had been about four years since a new partner was named.

Opara’s wheelhouse is broad, with stunning projects ranging across such disciplines as brand identity, packaging, publications, environments, interactive installations, websites and more. But if you ask the British designer how he got started, you’d be surprised that it all boils down to former United Kingdom Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s “milk-snatching” reputation when he was growing up in a tough economy.

“There were huge deficits and strikes,” he once recalled to Print. “One of Thatcher’s cost-cutting measures was to take away school children’s milk. It really had a huge impact on me. I loved milk, and she took it away. And I remember thinking from then on that I wanted to be part of a movement that gave back, that collaborated for the common good.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, a number of winning projects selected by Opara in this year’s RDA seek to do just that as well.

Best of Region

AIGA 35th Anniversary Posters

GDLOFT, Philadelphia; Allan Espiritu, Kevin Kernan (creative directors/art directors/ designers); AIGA Philadelphia (client)

Congratulations to Grand Prize Winner GDLOFT. They received 47% of reader votes for their AIGA 35th Anniversary Posters, and will receive a Big Ticket to HOW Design Live 2018, a main-stage trophy presentation celebrating their work, and other exclusive opportunities on-site.

East Regional Design Awards Winners Gallery

1. 16

Tré Seals, Accokeek, MD; Tré Seals (creative director/art director/designer); Theodore Booker (client)

2. 2017 Holiday Card

CallisonRTKL, Washington, DC; Thom McKay (creative director), Steven Norris (art director), Angelia Duncan (art director/designer), Stephen Zippe, Christine Beltrane (photographers); CallisonRTKL (client)

3. America’s National Gallery of Art

National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC; Kelly Doe (designer), Phillip Kopper (writer); National Gallery of Art (client)

4. Arts Walk

Younts Design Inc., Baltimore; Ronnie Younts (creative director), DJ Thomas (designer); Bozzuto Development (client)

5. Blümenhaus Font

80east Design, Marlboro, NY; Trevor Messersmith (creative director/art director/designer); 80east Design, Blümenhaus (clients)

6. Bourbon Barrel Aged

Design Army, Washington, DC; Pum Lefebure (creative director), Lillian Ling (art director/ designer); Harper Macaw (client)

7. Bright Ideas Brewing

id29, Troy, NY; Doug Bartow, Michael Fallone (creative directors), Jake Wright (art director/designer/ illustrator); Bright Ideas Brewing (client)

8. Brown’s Brewing Co. Packaging Launch

id29, Troy, NY; Michael Fallone (creative director), Doug Bartow (art director/designer), James Morrison (writer); Brown’s Brewing Co. (client)

9. Commotion

Design Army, Washington, DC; Pum Lefebure (creative director), Mariela Hsu (art director), Lillian Ling (designer); Maryland Institute College of Art (client)

10. Concierge

HUMANKIND Studio, Washington, DC; Julia Ames (creative director/art director/ designer/illustrator), Jason Colston (photographer); DCanter (client)

11. CORA

Ink + Mortar, Philadelphia; Sharon Taylor (creative director/art director/designer); CORA (client)

12. Craftwhere Coasters

Upside Collective, Albany, NY; Jared Schafer (creative director/art director/designer/ illustrator); Craftwhere (client)

13. Cut Seven Identity

Polygraph, Washington, DC; Jason Mannix (creative director/art director), Gavin Wade (art director), Leslie Krivo- Kaufman (designer); Cut Seven (client)

14. Dad Magazine

Headcase Design, Philadelphia; Paul Kepple (art director/designer), Max Vandenberg, Caleb Heisey (designers), Headcase Design (illustration/writing), Scotty Reifsnyder, Lars Leetaru, Patrick Faricy, Joe Cicak (illustrators), Michael Reali (photographer), Jaya Saxena, Matt Lubchansky (writers); Quirk Books (client)

15. Documenting the Salon: Paris Salon Catalogs, 1673–1945

National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC; Brad Ireland (designer), John Hagood, Yuriko Jackall, Kimberly A. Jones, Yuri Long (writers); National Gallery of Art (client)

16. Everywhen: The Eternal Present in Indigenous Art From Australia

Harvard Art Museums Design Department, Cambridge, MA; Steven Waldron (creative director/art director), Zak Jensen, Adam Sherkanowski, Becky Hunt (designers), Stephen Gilchrist (editor/writer), Henry F. Skerritt, Hetti Perkins, Fred Myers, Shawn C. Rowlands, Narayan Khandekar, Georgina Rayner, Daniel P. Kirby (writers); Harvard Art Museums (client)

17. The Eye Ball

Design Army, Washington, DC; Pum Lefebure (creative director), Lillian Ling (art director/ designer), Alexander Dean (photographer), Mark Welsh (writer); Georgetown Optician (client)

18. Girard Brand Identity and 18 Marketing Collateral

Stoltze Design, Boston; Clif Stoltze (creative director), Kyle Nelson (art director/designer); Bozzuto (client)

19. Golden Girls Forever

Headcase Design, Philadelphia; Lynne Yeamans (creative director, HarperCollins), Paul Kepple (art director/designer/illustrator), Max Vandenberg (designer), Jim Colucci (writer); HarperCollins Publishers (client)

20. Grassroots Detroit Convention Program 2016

Polygraph, Washington, DC; Jason Mannix (creative director), Gavin Wade, Lindsay Mannix (art directors), Angelina Rybak (designer); American Institute of Architects (client)

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