Regional Design Awards Winners 2017: Far West

The Regional Design Awards is America’s preeminent design competition. View the winners of the 2017 RDA from the Far West below.

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Far West Regional Design Awards

PAULA SCHER, Far West region judge

Paula Scher, principal at Pentagram’s New York City office since 1991, has never been afraid to be bold with her work, from the strong typographic approaches at play in her acclaimed Public Theater identity to her iconic vision for brands such as Tiffany & Co. It’s no wonder that while judging the Far West in this year’s RDA, she was looking for surprising solutions—solutions that don’t just represent a trend rehashed, but truly go beyond the expected.

While laboriously combing through this year’s entries, she noted a surplus of food packaging with a shared retro aesthetic that felt like much of the same. But amidst it, she managed to be drawn to one beverage project that eventually became her favorite entry. On the whole, it was the environmental work in the competition that she felt delivered a true sense of adventure.

The AIGA Medalist doesn’t have any tips for future entrants looking to snag a win, but shares words that are worth working toward with any new endeavor: “The best thing is to try to raise the level of design in any given area and assume that other designers will appreciate it when they see it,” she says. Onward!

Best of Region


Gamut, San Francisco; Shawn Scott (creative director/ art director/designer), Ian Gordon (creative director), Mark Balane (designer); Fieldwork Brewing Co. (client)

Far West Regional Design Awards Winners Gallery

1. A Day in the Life at SFMOMA

SFMOMA Design Studio, San Francisco; Jennifer Sonderby (creative director/art director/ designer), Sophine Lim (designer), Adam Simpson (illustrator), Robyn Wise (writer); San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (client)

2. ArtCenter Viewbook 2017–2018

Design Office at ArtCenter College of Design, Pasadena, CA; Scott Taylor (creative director), Winnie Li (art director), Xavier Cerrilla (designer), Juan Posada (photographer), Sylvia Sukop, Mike Winder (writers); ArtCenter College of Design (client)

3. Artist Series No. 9

Studio O+A, San Francisco; Olivia Ward, Amy Young (creative directors/art directors/designers); Studio O+A (client)

4. Boy Scout Scott Visitor Center Exhibition Program and Environmental Graphics

Volume Inc, San Francisco; Eric Heiman (creative director), Adam Brodsley (creative director/art director/lead designer), Bryan Bindloss, Jon Hioki (designers), Brett Terpeluk (exhibit designer, Studio Terpeluk), Josh Cochran (illustrator), Rachel Swaby (writer), Erin Kemp (project manager), Lake Flato (building architecture); Boy Scouts of America (client)

5. Colada Shop Identity

Bartlett Brands, San Francisco; Rebecca Bartlett (creative director/art director), Carolina Pistone (designer), Kimberly Brizzolara (writer); Colada Shop (client)

6. Explodity: Sound, Image and Word in Russian Futurist Book Art

Getty Publications, Los Angeles; Kurt Hauser (designer); Getty Publications (client)

7. Fight Club 2 Library Edition

Dark Horse Comics Inc., Milwaukie, OR; Scott Allie (creative director/art director/editor), Justin Couch, Nate Piekos, Rick DeLucco (designers), Cameron Stewart, David Mack, Dave Stewart (illustrators), Chuck Palahniuk (writer), Shantel LaRocque (associate editor), Katii O’Brien (assistant editor), Christianne Goudreau (digital art technician), 1010 (printing); Dark Horse Comics (client)

8. Good News

DEI Creative, Seattle; Shannon Palmer, Sara Green (creative directors), Amy Wilson (art director/designer/illustrator), Vestalight Sevenly (designer/ illustrator), Maddy Porter (designer/photographer/illustrator), Kate Schenot (writer); DEI Creative (client)

9. Google Java Corners Workplace Branding, Building 1

Media Objectives at Valerio Dewalt Train, San Francisco; Ellen Bean Spurlock (creative director), Crystal Adams (art director), Shane Hendry, Allison Rokusek, Stephen Killion (designers), Marco Zecchin, Media Objectives (photography); Google (client)

10. Google Java Corners Workplace Branding, Building 2

Media Objectives at Valerio Dewalt Train, San Francisco; Ellen Bean Spurlock (creative director), Crystal Adams (art director), Shane Hendry (designer), Marco Zecchin, Media Objectives (photography); Google (client)

11. Google Voter Registration Stickers

ITAL/C, Los Angeles; ITAL/C (creative direction/art direction/design/illustration); Google (client)

12. Grass Fed Infant and Toddler Formula Powder

Munchkin, Van Nuys, CA; Diana 12 Barnes (creative director/art director), Christopher Harrelson (designer); Munchkin Inc. (client)

13.  Harden Vol. 1

adidas, Portland, OR; Eric Vellozzi, Mark Dayao (creative directors), Jonah Nolde (art director), Ryan Schroeder (designer), Shaun Mendiola, Atiba Jefferson (photographers), Brian Hamilton (writer), Jenna St. Martin (photographer); adidas (client)


Utah Valley University, Orem, UT; Shari Warnick (creative director/art director), Brian Fogelberg (designer), Christobal Villegas (writer); Utah Valley University (client)

15. HYPEBEAST Issue 16 Featuring KAWS

Hybrid Design, San Francisco; Dora Drimalas, Caleb Kozlowski (creative directors), Patchara Chareonsiri (designer); Coalesse (client)

16. Karsh Hagan Holiday Gifts

Karsh Hagan, Denver; Jeff Martin (creative director), Lindsey Mills, Nick Marranzino, Emi Rosa (art directors/designers); Karsh Hagan (client)

17. KETL Tea Co.

Traina, San Diego; David Traina (creative director), Mark Gallo (art director), Joe Ross (designer), Ed Garcia (photographer), Matt Bachmann (writer); Traina (client)

18. Kimball Showroom

Studio O+A, San Francisco; Verda Alexander, Primo Orpilla (creative directors/art directors/ designers), Elizabeth Vereker, Olivia Ward, Al McKee, Tova Schachter, Dani Canepa (designers), Jasper Sanidad (photographer); Kimball Office (client)

19. Lagasse’s Stadium Campaign

The Venetian Las Vegas; Adam Marshall (creative director), Sandy Schiff (art director), Adam Martin, Eric Vozzola, Bryant Nguyen (designers), Matt Keller (writer); Lagasse’s Stadium (client)

20. Metallica Hardwired … to Self-Destruct Album Design

Turner Duckworth: London, San Francisco & New York, San Francisco; Jamie McCathie (creative director), Tyler Brooks (art director/ designer), Ian Conklin, Oliver Lo, Alex Patalano (designers), Herring & Herring (photography); Metallica (client)

 21. Public Private | Plots by Clots Issue No. 6

Stephanie Kuga, Los Angeles: Stephanie Kuga (creative director/art director/designer), Sara Fowler (creative director), Evangeline Joo, Tracy Hung (illustrators), Timmy Ngo, Jeff Oftedahl, Nathan Connelly (photographers); Plots by Clots (client)

22. Pure Magic

Daniella Manini, Ventura, CA; Daniella Manini (creative director/art director/designer/client)

23. Rolling Papers Movie Poster

Ellen Bruss Design, Denver; Ellen Bruss (creative director), Ken Garcia (art director), Matt Kistler (designer); Active Environmentalist LLC (client)

24. Santa only has gifts for the good boys and girls. We have gifts for everyone.

Sukle Advertising & Design, Denver; Mike Sukle (creative director), Pedro Saldarriaga (art director), Greg Jesse (designer), Joe Hancock (photographer), Andrew Goldin (writer); Sukle Advertising & Design (client)

25. SFMOMA Member Magazine

SFMOMA Design Studio, San Francisco; Jennifer Sonderby (creative director), Bosco Hernandez (art director), James Provenza (designer); San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (client)

26. Writing Book 2016

Gold Collective, San Francisco; Renee Walker, Heidi Meredith (creative directors/art directors/ designers); California College of the Arts (client)