Regional Design Awards Winners 2017: South

The Regional Design Awards is America’s preeminent design competition. View the winners of the 2017 RDA from the South below.

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Regional Design Awards – South

ELLEN LUPTON, South region judge

It’s not by coincidence that in this year’s RDA, the South region—known for its culinary traditions—really hit its stride with the striking identities from the restaurant scene as well as local food and beverage commodities. As judge Ellen Lupton notes, this speaks to both the vibrancy of entrepreneurship and creative endeavors in the region.

Lupton, the curator of contemporary design at Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum in New York City and director of the Graphic Design MFA program at Maryland Institute College of Art, is surrounded by beauty day in and day out. “For me, a top-ranked project has to have some scale to it—some heft and reach and ambition,” she says.

While making her way through this year’s RDA entries to determine the best of what the South has to offer, she took note of several trends, including a “rootsy sense of Americana” brought to life with historical type, letterforms created with a hand-cut and hand-printed feel, and a more approachable vernacular. Contrarily, she also observed a “bro aesthetic” featuring bold, raw type and loud, ballsy copywriting. Ultimately, such a broad range of styles proves that the South certainly has a wide variety of talent to analyze and showcase.

Best of Region

Louisville Public Media

Bullhorn Creative, Lexington, KY; Adam Kuhn (creative director/ designer), Chris Jackson (art director/designer), Carrie Shirley (writer); Louisville Public Media (client)

Regional Design Awards Winners Gallery – South

1. 100 Plates Installation

Brunet-García, Jacksonville, FL; Jorge Brunet-García (creative director), Katy Garrison, Bianca Borghi, Cassie Deogracia (art directors/designers), Jack Twatchman (writer), Castaño Group (production); Feeding Northeast Florida (client)

2. 2016 Juried Student Art Exhibition

University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Lafayette, LA: Kevin Hagan (creative director/art director/designer/ photographer); Department of Visual Arts (client)

3. 2016 New Student Orientation Packet

Ringling College Design Center, Sarasota, FL: Laura Bucholtz (creative director/art director), Sara Bicknell (designer/illustrator); Ringling College Office of Student Life (client)

4. 2016 PINC Sarasota

Ringling College Design Center, Sarasota, FL: Holly Antoszewski (creative director/art director), Christopher Rees (designer), Katrina Stapleton (motion designer); AtLarge Inc. (client)

5. 2016 RiverRun International Film Festival

Elephant In The Room, Winston-Salem, NC; Will Hackley (creative director/art director/designer); RiverRun International Film Festival (client)

6. AICAD 2016 Symposium: Beyond the BFA

Ringling College Design Center, Sarasota, FL: Holly Antoszewski (creative director), Lenna Dahlquist (art director/ designer/illustrator); Ringling College Office of Academic Affairs (client)

7. Alabama Environmental Council—Recycal Branding

Lewis Communications, Birmingham, AL; Roy Burns III (creative director), Drew Hughes (art director/designer), Kathy Oldham (writer); Alabama Environmental Council (client)

8. Alabama Workshop[s] Toolkit

Robert Finkel Design, Auburn, AL; Robert Finkel (creative director/art director/designer/writer), Jared Ragland, Marc Sandlin, Liesa Cole, Ashley Kickliter, Elliot Knight, Peter Stanglmayr, Curtis Shannon (photographers), Sheri Schumacher (writer); Alabama Workshop[s] (client)

9. Baby Shower Invitation

Archer Malmo, Memphis, TN; Kong Wee Pang (creative director/art director/designer/illustrator), Leigh Anne Rose (writer); Archer Malmo (client)

10. Barrel-aged Dark Lord Bottles

Zimmer-Design, Louisville, KY; Jim Zimmer, Jessica Zimmer (creative directors/art directors/ designers); 3 Floyds Brewing (client)

11. Careolina

The Variable, Winston-Salem, NC; Joe Parrish (creative director), David Jones (art director), Justin Jackson, Josh Carnley (designers), Matteson Fields (writer); Careolina (client)

12. Careolina Merchandise

The Variable, Winston-Salem, NC; Joe Parrish (creative director), David Jones (art director), Justin Jackson, Josh Carnley (designers), Matteson Fields (writer); Careolina (client)

13. Carolina Ballet Posters

Clean, Raleigh, NC; Scott Scaggs (creative director), Alice Brady (art director), Nikki Steeprock (designer), Tyler Northrup (photographer), Mary Webster (writer); Clean (client)

14. Charleston International Airport

Chernoff Newman, Columbia, SC; Heather Price (creative director), Elizabeth Rogers (art director/designer), Trevor Baker (writer); Charleston County Aviation Authority (client)

15. Code Red Project

Watermark Design, Charlottesville, VA; Darcey Ohlin Lacy (creative director/art director), Jena Thielges, Hannah Slagle (designers); Code Red Project (client)

16. Collabeeration

The Variable, Winston-Salem, NC; Joe Parrish (creative director), David Jones (art director), Justin Jackson, Matt Cook, Josh Carnley (designers), Gary Bostwick (writer); Lowe’s Foods (client)

17. Design Perspectives

Braley Design, Lexington, KY; Michael Braley (creative director/art director/designer), Kate Davis (designer); AAF Lexington (client)

18. Dr. Fuch

The Variable, Winston-Salem, NC; Joe Parrish (creative director), David Jones (art director), Matt Cook (designer), Chris Ellison (photographer), Gary Bostwick, Matteson Fields (writers); The Variable (client)

19. Florida Surf Film Festival Materials

Anson-Stoner, Winter Park, FL; Tom Macaluso (creative director/art director/designer); Florida Surf Film Festival (client)

20. FLVS Test Prep Posters Series

Anson-Stoner, Winter Park, FL; Tom Macaluso (creative director/art director/designer/ writer); FLVS (client)

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