Regional Design Awards Winners 2017: South

21. Formatical Catalog

SDCO Partners (Stitch Design Co.), Charleston, SC; Amy Pastre (creative director/art director/designer), Courtney Rowson (creative director/art director); Formatical (client)

22. Fresh is Best

Chernoff Newman, Columbia, SC; Heather Price (creative director/writer), Elizabeth Rogers, Joseph Lemmons, Harrison Croft (art directors), Meredith Walker (designer), George Fulton (photographer), Lunch & Recess (videography), Trevor Baker (writer); SC Department of Agriculture (client)

23. Give a Shirt Box

The Variable, Winston-Salem, NC; Joe Parrish (creative director), David Jones (art director), Matt Cook (designer), Gary Bostwick, Matteson Fields (writers); The Variable (client)

24. Grove Roots Brewery

CNP Agency, Winter Haven, FL; Mark Adkins (creative director), Tiffany Taunton (creative director/art director/designer), Shannon Viox (illustrator), Calder Wilson (photographer), Victoria Gauthier (writer); Groove Roots (client)

25. Indigo Agriculture Branding

Zimmer-Design, Louisville, KY;, for One Design Company, David Sieren (creative director), Jim Zimmer, Jessica Zimmer (art directors/designers); Indigo Agriculture (client)

26. Inn at the Mission San Juan Capistrano

SPARK, Tampa, FL; Nate Carter (creative director), Jessica Guy (art director/designer), Emily Seitz (writer); Inn at the Mission San Juan Capistrano (client)

27. Inspera Rebrand

idgroup, Pensacola, FL; Kristoffer Poore (creative director/ writer), Mona Amodeo (art director/writer), Gail Spruill-Shaw (art director), Jared Granger, Somi Choi, Casey Herman (designers), Matthew Coughlin (photographer); Inspera Health (client)

28. Magasin

SDCO Partners (Stitch Design Co.), Charleston, SC; Amy Pastre (creative director/art director/designer/illustrator), Courtney Rowson (creative director/art director/designer); Magasin Kitchen (client)

29. Marion Military Institute Operation 2.0 Campaign

Cayenne Creative, Birmingham, AL; Dan Murch (creative director), Dana Vague (art director/designer), David Webb (illustrator), Dan Monroe (writer); Cayenne Creative (client)

30. Mellow Mushroom Menu Design

Trumpet Advertising, New Orleans; Pat McGuiness (creative director), Nathan Calhoun (art director/designer/illustrator), Jessie Magee (writer); Mellow Mushroom (client)

31. NAEP Science 2015: When I Grow Up

Reingold Inc., Alexandria, VA; Joseph Ney (creative director), John Predmore, Daniel Sullivan (art directors), Ethan Clark (designer/illustrator/animator), Erika Bernetich (animator), Gregory Orrison (project manager), Caroline DiStefano (communications associate); National Assessment Governing Board (client)

32. Nola Foods BBQ Sauce

Line 58 Branding & Web Design, New Orleans; Geoff Coats (creative director), Michelle Zande (art director), Emma Wallace (designer); NOLA Foods (client)

33. Noon Whistle 12-Ounce Can Design and Branding

Zimmer-Design, Louisville, KY; Jim Zimmer, Jessica Zimmer (creative directors/art directors/ designers); Noon Whistle Brewing Co. (client)

34. Onliest Oyster

SDCO Partners (Stitch Design Co.), Charleston, SC; Amy Pastre, Courtney Rowson (creative directors/art directors/designers); Onliest Oyster (client)

35. On the Flipside

Modo Modo Agency, Atlanta; Jennifer Watson (creative director/writer), Ida Persson, Kirksey Wells (art directors/designers), Allen Hsu, Corey Jones, Von McKenzie, Mel Sattler (designers), Ellyn Zagoria (writer); Modo Modo Agency (client)

36. The Open Patient

Red Hat, Raleigh, NC; Brett Abramsky (creative director), Elisabeth Effron, Rachel Rooney, Mike Esser, Leigh Day (art directors), Laura Walters (designer), Kyle Phelps (composer); Red Hat (client)

37. Pathways Magazine for the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta

Green Gate Marketing, Decatur, GA; Katherine Branch (creative director), Sean Engelhardt (creative director/art director/designer/ illustrator), Antonio Lewis (photographer), Robin Yamakawa, Jacob Biba (writers); Green Gate Marketing (client)

38. Peggy Noonan Poster

Wake Forest University Creative Communications, Winston-Salem, NC: Hayes Henderson (creative director), Kris Hendershott (art director/designer); Wake Forest University (client)

39. Perspectives for a Diverse America Training Workbook

Southern Poverty Law Center, Montgomery, AL: Russell Estes (creative director/art director), Valerie Downes (designer); Teaching Tolerance (client)

40. Phase Eight Identity

Brunet-García, Jacksonville, FL;; Jorge Brunet-García (creative director), Aerien Mull (art director), Bianca Borghi (art director/designer); Phase Eight Theater Company (client)

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