Steven Heller

Bascove’s Bridges To Everywhere

The artist Bascove says New York City has more than 2000 bridges connecting and integrating its various neighborhoods and environs. In their day, these engineering marvels represented the inventiveness and boldness of a young country to the rest of the world.

Robbie Conal Never Gives Up

When it comes to papering the town with political invective, Robbie Conal, America’s veteran street artist, never gives up or gives in. He’s always in the thick of the culture wars – and this one is a biggie. I’ve written about him often but his current double sided poster captures his prey better than...

Weekend Heller: Little Man, Tiny Heart

tiny trump is artist and designer Eric Corriel's response to the current political climate. A crowd-sourced public art installation that harness the energy, will, and geographic diversity of the public to inject resistance totems into the NYC landscape and beyond.

Landscapes by Glaser

When one thinks of Milton Glaser, many media, graphic and drawing styles come to mind. But most of us do not think of landscapes. Start thinking!

I [Heart] Astronauts

From 1960 through 1963 I was president of The Astronaut Fan Club. I was also founder and its only member. You might say it was a front for getting as much NASA swag as possible. Don’t get me wrong, the astronauts were my heroes. We lived in the era of heroes and it was...