What This Country Needs Is A Good Art Director

What the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea, to us) needs is not a nuclear weapon, but a bunch of good designers and art directors, notably for its propaganda export magazine, Korea.

It follows the same principles as USSR In Construction, Soviet Union magazine and China Pictorial magazine. Make an English (and other) language vehicle for spreading the good word(s) and pictures about these workers’ paradises. Granted, it’s difficult to find Western-style designers, but the Soviets managed to do it. Just offer incentives, like…  well… not ever having to see or hear Donald Trump.


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3 thoughts on “What This Country Needs Is A Good Art Director

  1. jgottlieb

    Great stuff! Thanks Steven.

    I’ve always been really interested in North Korea. Particularly the “Mass Games.” My brother’s close friends run a succesful North Korean tourist agency (and are also involved in many documentaries about North Korea including “A State of Mind” 2004).

    As gifts, they gave him two large hand painted North Korean propaganda posters that are fascinating to me. One currently resides in my office at MICA. It depicts a large red missile plummeting towards the United States. I’ve seen tons of North Korean propaganda posters online, but never anything like this.

    I’d happily send pictures of the set if you are interested.

    Thanks again for a great read!