Steven Heller


Mad Mensches

Steven Heller reviews Kerri P. Steinberg's informative “Jewish Mad Men: Advertising and the Design of the American Jewish Experience.”


When Yale Had a Sense of Humor

Gone are the days when the Harvard Lampoon and the Yale Record published fake versions of national magazines, like these.


Weekend Heller: Schwartzman’s Hollywood

Next week, Christopher Guy’s West Hollywood showroom will host "Six Decades of Graphic Art and Film"—a retrospective of the work of renowned Hollywood graphic designer Arnold Schwartzman.


A Valentine Fable, in Pictures

These vintage chromolitho cards tell a Gilded Age Valentine story of courtship, marriage, conception, birth and its aftermath.


Sis’ Subway Scribbling

Author/artist Peter Sis has long done underground art for the New York City MTA. Check out his newest work.


Steinberg’s Genius Line

Steven Heller looks back at the great Saul Steinberg's work—and remembers the time Steinberg snubbed him.