Variable Fonts with Dan Rhatigan

Dan Rhatigan took the time to tell us everything we needed to know about variable fonts—a collaboration between some of the biggest names in technology.

07/08/2014: Happy designer infographic

Adobe recently conducted a survey looking into the mindset of designers and other creatives and found that designers are largely optimistic about the future and satisfied with their jobs. In turn, Co.Design took the information and created this glass-half-full themed infographic detailing some of the highlights of the survey. See a larger version here,...

Join Adobe at HOW Design Live — June 2013

Adobe is a proud sponsor of HOW Design Live, and has incredible things in store to help sharpen your design skills, and get you re-inspired to create your greatest work yet. Want to win an Adobe® Creative Cloud™ 5-year membership?

Image of the Day, April 16, 2013

Typographic series for ads for Adobe, that illustrate popular myths about the marketing field created by designer Jordan Metcalf. Check out more a more detailed look of the project here.

Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite

Publishing design (magazines, book covers, CD cases, etc.) has been a monumental staple in print design. So many prominent designers who stand by the print medium have careers rooted in the publishing industry, and yes they continue to wow us with the tactile and innovative styling that only print can offer. So that’s why...

Your Industry Changed (Again) Yesterday

So everyone heard that Adobe introduced some new tools for us to merrily sink our cash into, yes? Good! Let’s talk about the astounding changes in business that are happening to us right now, and seemingly every week. But first, I’d like you to read something from Clay Shirky wrote in April of last...

Updates from Adobe, Errors from Apple

Couple of quick things today. Firstly, Adobe’s released beta version 3 of Muse, their site builder for designers. The download is here, and as stated previously, it’s free until its official 1.0 release. There are significant fixes in how the application renders code, so anything you build will be more readily accepted on a...