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What Juxtaposition Says About Culture

How magazines stacked the spot ads they were given says something about the priorities of the readership, if not the country, at the time they were published. This assortment is reproduced just as it appeared in a Christmas issue of Liberty magazine in 1940.

KISSMetrics infographic as seen in

The Science, Business and Voodoo of Color in Marketing

Color persuades—this we know for sure. So studying color in marketing, the ultimate persuasion business, seems ripe for fascinating insights. Here’s a dive into some of the latest research on the topic. I can’t think of a longer-lasting, higher-stakes design decision than choosing your logo design and palette, so colors of major web brands...


The Psuedo-Science of Adverts

Anyone who says that the mid-1950s Creative Revolution (The Big Idea epoch) was merely a semantic change in the way advertising was practiced, should think again.

Weekend Heller: Itching Design, Invasive Ads

Itching to Read About Graphic Design Looking for a good mid-Summer read? Something for the beach, perhaps. I highly recommend Scratching the Surface, a collection of essays and journalism by Adrian Shaughnessy, focusing mainly on graphic design, essays have from Design Observer,  Eye, Creative Review, Design Week and The Wire. Many others. The design is as...


Image of the Day, July 16, 2013

This full-page newspaper ad for the Empire State Relief Fund was created in collaboration between Google Creative Lab and Michael Freimuth’s team at Franklyn. Via ADC Young Guns.


Image of the Day, June 18, 2013

To promote the new DJ mobile app, Urban Ears, Denmark-based Uncle Grey created this poster made out of vinyl that emulates a DJ scratch when scraped with a fingernail. Via Creative Review.


Chrysler Takes on The Man of Steel

The 2013 Ram 1500 is counting on a connection with Superman: Earth One,the Man of Steel, to brand the truck as strong and invincible.