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The Best Album Covers of 2014

These 6 covers detail the evolution of the form and its future—and how designers are taking it there through both throwbacks and contemporary minimalism.

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Forgotten Designer: The LPs of Joseph Low

Most of you probably don't know Joseph Low's work, but you should. He was a popular illustrator in the late 1940s, '50s and '60s, and these album covers for the Haydn Society in Boston are a pictorial branding triumph.

Great Album, Feeble Cover

You can’t tell an album by its cover. And you can never predict what Bob Dylan is really doing next. His latest album, Tempest, is amazing—possibly the best in decades (especially the title song, a rambling historical ballad about the Titanic disaster). But the album cover is feeble and amateurish. The undistinguished hand-lettered script reminds...

A Designer’s Midcentury-Mod Music-Graphics Mashups

Graham Moore creates fine-art pieces that put you in a dancing mood, just by looking into them. In fact, many of them began as vintage LP record album covers, several decades pre-mp3. Then, under his knife, texts lose their legibility, images lose their identity, and those often dull cardboard sleeves are reconfigured into visual...

Image Non-Stop: Kraftwerk Iconography

 by Aleksandar Maćašev Kraftwerk really showed you how to follow the signs, to get references, to learn your history. … Kraftwerk made having a cultural intelligence cool. –Peter Saville, Wallpaper*, October 2011 Kraftwerk’s rich and influential audio-visual body of work has received a deservedly grand treatment at New York’s MoMA entitled,“Kraftwerk – Retrospective 1...

Radiohead Lets Out a Universal Sigh

Radiohead must drive music executives bonkers. Their last album, “In Rainbows” was downloadable on the web for whatever the buyer wanted to pay. For their follow up, “The King of Limbs”, they have created a very limited printed newspaper that will be given away to customers purchasing the CD and vinyl versions. Called The...

The Gordon Geckos of Grunge

This year marks the 20th anniversary of “grunge,” or as David Markey aptly named his documentary about Sonic Youth’s European tour, 1991: The Year Punk Broke. The film, which came out the following year, captured the post-punk subculture on the verge of mass appeal, a time when jocks and stoners alike rallied behind dissonant...