08/04/2014: Venn Diagram Google Doodle

As seems to be the norm these days, Mike Dutton and his team have delivered the latest Google Doodle, a tribute to John Venn’s 180 birthday, in a way that is clever, interactive and entertaining. According to an article in …

motion graphics_mf

Motion Graphics for the Print Designer

Motion graphics are becoming a part of the designer job description. But do you really need to animate? Here’s how to navigate the decision making process.

Thought You Had Animation Pegged? Not For Much Longer !

The drawing/image registration process is a fundamental aspect of film animation. If the images that are animated don’t have a shared foundation with each other, the movement that’s created by the animator has no common relationship with the background or …

Winsor McCay Illustrates Temperance — or Prohibition?, 1929

While strolling through a used-books store in Los Angeles over 20 years ago, I spied the dust-jacketed binding of a book with a familiar illustration style. Much to my delight, I’d found a little-known 1929 first edition volume published by …