art deco

Join Me in the Moderne Boudoir?

For those looking for the perfect wall hanging to accompany modern furniture in a 1930s home or apartment, the masterpieces were to be found in Paris. The enviable settings in a classic art deco manner shown here come from the Essex catalog (1934–35) printed by Dehon & Cie.

The Deco Way

This rare promotion for the Broadway showing of "A Wonderful Night" is a matter-of-fact Art Deco or Moderne representation.

Zagreb Deco

Take a look inside the '20s lifestyle magazine Suijet attests to the deco flair that Zagreb promoted along with every other stylish Western nation.


Louise Fili is the most elegant woman I know—no exaggeration—so I had to smile when I learned the title of her monograph was Elegantissima (Princeton Architectural Press). She’s also the most Italian Italian-American I know. (She gets Italian cable!) Louise teaches a summer workshop for the School of Visual Arts back in the old...

Black Dahlia Murder, Part 2: The Victim’s Makeup

Wrapping up my interview with crime historian Joan Renner, we delve deeper into an unsolved murder mystery. Joan explores her theory that the victim’s Black Dahlia persona began when she was still alive. Read part one, with more details of the Dahlia investigation, here. Our conversation picks up with Joan describing her passion for...

Pop Art's Pop

During the Industrial Revolution it was doubtless difficult to see the art through the forest of machine parts. In fact, artists of the 19th century sought to reconnect even more aggressively with nature as an antidote to industrial dirt, grime and standardization. But eventually, machines and the illustrative rendering of machinery were viewed for...