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Designer of the Week: Richard LaRue

Designer of the Week Richard LaRue, an art director with some great logo design under his belt, talks benefits of living "a well-designed life" & more.

Transitions: Moving Up and Making Time

My current title is senior designer—which means, in my case, that my job includes a mix of contact with clients, management of younger designers, and chunks of time when I listen to music and focus on perfecting my formal craft while the hours fly by. Over the next couple of years, I plan to...

The Cutting Humor of Art Director Michael Gross

Designer kids these days. They’ll never experience the toxic aroma of rubber-cement fumes. Or feel the intense drama of an X-Acto knife slicing into their thumb or plunging head-first into their knee. But Michael Gross remembers. In fact, Gross and his National Lampoon co-conspirators immortalized such experiences in a parody of the graphic design...