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Andy Kner

Art Director Andrew Kner: A Tribute

PRINT's tribute to longtime art director Andrew Kner. Andy passed away on Aug. 28, 2016. Admire the beauty of his art direction with these classic PRINT covers.

Designer of the Week: Richard LaRue

Designer of the Week Richard LaRue, an art director with some great logo design under his belt, talks benefits of living "a well-designed life" & more.

Transitions: Moving Up and Making Time

My current title is senior designer—which means, in my case, that my job includes a mix of contact with clients, management of younger designers, and chunks of time when I listen to music and focus on perfecting my formal craft while the hours fly by. Over the next couple of years,...

The Cutting Humor of Art Director Michael Gross

Designer kids these days. They’ll never experience the toxic aroma of rubber-cement fumes. Or feel the intense drama of an X-Acto knife slicing into their thumb or plunging head-first into their knee. But Michael Gross remembers. In fact, Gross and his National Lampoon co-conspirators immortalized such experiences in a parody of...