Bill Sienkiewicz

Picturing Famous Comics Artists and Animators, at Ease

Explore portraits and interviews of cartoonists, comics artists, animators and more, all from Michael Dooley and photographer Greg Preston, who is currently seeking to fund a new volume of his book, The Artist Within.

The Multimedia Comics Artist Behind Netflix’s Daredevil

If you’ve been captivated by the bold, atmospheric cinematography of Daredevil‘s first season on Netflix, you might want to seek out the similarly stunning comic book version by Alex Maleev. Series executive producer Jeph Loeb credits Maleev as a key visual influence: “With Alex’s art, we looked at that and said ‘that’s the look...

A Report on Comic-Con… and Covert CIA Actions

Last week’s Comic-Con at San Diego’s Convention Center was overloaded with activities. If you were a Hollywood celeb–obsessed fan you may have spent much, if not most, of your time stuck in lines. But if you were a lover of well-designed graphic narratives, you needn’t have wasted one idle moment during the five full...