BP = Branding Problem

How does British Petroleum, which branded itself BP (Better Petroleum), overcome its Bad Publicity and solve its Branding Problem? One thing the company could do is rebrand and switch back to using the name Amoco, which the Bad Parent-company bought in 1998 and eventually absorbed. Originally founded as Standard Oil Company in 1889 by...

Today's Obsession: Tracking the Oil Slick

For your daily dose of depressing and futile, why not keep up with BP’s inept attempts to contain what they’ve done to obliterate vast regions of our country’s ecosystem? Here’s news and updates from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Have a lovely day.

Bull Market for Oil Stock (Photos)

BP (British Petroleum a.k.a. Better Petroleum, now known as Blasted Petroleum) is getting such BP (Bad Press), that it is only natural its website wants (indeed needs) to show a Brighter Perspective. The stock photos they choose to present may not be as heroic as these, but not as depressing as these. You can...