Bradbury Thompson

Stimulating The Economy

The 1930s magazine More Business was produced by the printing industry to stimulate merchants and manufacturers to use letterpress for all their promotion needs. And they used some excellent cover artists. Take a look at several covers.

Designing the Famous Artists

Bradbury Thompson (1911–1995), the elegant American designer who made Westvaco Inspirations a design studio must-have, produced many unheralded things. Among his clients were the Famous Artists Schools, Inc., from Westport, Connecticut, for which he designed their annual reports. All Thompson’s work was typographically precise, and the 1963 annual report is no exception. But Thompson...

An L.A. View of Meggs's N.Y. School of Design

Everyone will approach the fifth edition of Meggs’ History of Graphic Design through their own personal filters. Steve Heller’s already done his overview of the print and digital versions. Paul Shaw may pick up his Blue Pencil to correct factual and editorial errors. Marxist and feminist critics might deal with the two Martha Stewart...