Undefined by Design gallery show

"Undefined by Design," a gallery show at Lorimoto curated by Brian LaRossa, explores the relationship between contemporary art and design.


Image of the Day, April 30 2013

This ambitious large-scale branding campaign for a project called idBrooklyn is looking to kickstarter for funding. Check out more here. Via Creative Roots.


A Stan Mack Cartoon Chronicle of Revolutions Foretold

Stan Mack’s “Real Life Funnies” strip, created in the mid-1970s for the “Village Voice,” presaged the documentary comics of artists such as Art Spiegelman and Joe Sacco. And now it appears that his Print feature from 17 years ago also anticipated today’s digital communications environment. Here’s Mack’s personal, behind-the-scenes details about one such story....

Breathing in Brooklyn

Last fall, I was invited to give a lunchtime lecture at Hyperakt, a groovy design firm in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. Much to my surprise, I don’t get terribly nervous before large groups. Maybe it’s because the lights are out and I’m speaking into the darkness, unable to focus on my audience’s sleepy eyelids. But...

The Atavistic Urge

One of the great things about living in New York is that you meet interesting people almost every single day. The other night, a friend had a dinner party and I met a young artist named Sara Kinney. Sara is a fine filmmaker, but the photography of her work is what struck me the...

In Process: Stencil1's Ed Roth

Ed Roth pays attention. Whether it’s twin sets of discarded high heels on the the street that he stops to photograph or a stenciled iron gate on a wall in Vinegar Hill, Roth is always finding hidden treasures in his daily life. It’s these unexpected occurrences that serve as the inspiration for his work...