Bruno Munari

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13 Graphic Designers Who Created Picture Books

From Paul Rand to Jessica Hische, these 13 graphic designers have ventured into the craft of children’s literature, all with one notable thing in common: bringing their skills as designers to an audience just getting started in learning to read and see the world.

Two Bruno Munari Covers From Difficult Times

Bruno Munari (1907-1998) was many wonderful things, and his children’s and adult books bear this out. He worked in Italy throughout the war. Munari was never political, and did not belong to the Fascist party, but he had a curious relationship to the Futurists that was a foundation for his later art. He was...

A Designer’s Midcentury-Mod Music-Graphics Mashups

Graham Moore creates fine-art pieces that put you in a dancing mood, just by looking into them. In fact, many of them began as vintage LP record album covers, several decades pre-mp3. Then, under his knife, texts lose their legibility, images lose their identity, and those often dull cardboard sleeves are reconfigured into visual...